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Travel FAQs

Q. Can I put down a deposit or do I have to pay in full right now?

With airfare you would have to pay in full to secure the rate that was quoted to you. Most of our tours accept a deposit unless they are less than $1000 then they may require full payment at the time of booking. If you are booking your trip within 60 days of departure, you may be asked to pay in full. Sometimes we have special saving for cleints that book and pay in full early. In the travel industry this is called and Early Booking Bonus (EBB). So don’t hesitate, call us early and you might be eligible to save!

Q. What are the typical ages our trips?

Generally members range in ages from the young to the young at heart. Our core ages depend on the tours that you select. Some of our tours are specific to age groups and others are open to all ages.

Q. What is the average size of your groups?

Again, it depends on the tour. We have had groups of 8 tour Europe on a cycling tour or groups of 200 go on a cruise. Some tours limit the number of participants as well.

Q. How fit do I have to be?

If you are uncertain about your level of fitness and the intensity of the tours we offer, give us a call and we will glady find something suitable.

We have multiple versions of tours that take into consideration age, gender, physical ability and so much more. Let us help you, that is why we have advisors waiting at the end of the phone. We are always happy to help!

Q. What does land only mean?

Since we have members from all over North America and all of the world, we offer our tours based on the cost of the tour itself not including your airfare. If you phone our office we will gladly quote you on the cost of airfare for your package from your city.

Q. What time is the midnight buffet on the cruise?

We had to put this one in here, since we have actually had to answer this one a few times – midnight.

Q. What does singles friendly mean?

These trips are designed to have a mixture of couples, singles and solo travellers. They are not exclusive to singles but attract singles and persons travelling by themselves. Single friendly trips, resorts and packages sometimes offer the traveller room mate matching and other special services that make travelling alone more cost effective.

Q. How far in advance should I book?

Space is always limited on our tours. High season travel should be booked months in advance. Last minuite deals are great if you are travelling by yourself but if you want the group environment and the chance to meet people from all over the world, it is wise to secure your spot as early as possible. Booking within a month of travel sometimes affects the costs of air tickets as space becomes more limited.

Q. Who is Paragon Travel?

In Ontario, in order to sell travel you must be a licensed member of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). Paragon Travel is the acredited agency that provides the travel services for Meet Market Adventures. Paragon Travel and Meet Market Adventures are partners in providing singles travel oppertunities to the members of Meet Market Adventures and singles from all over the world.