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Why do you need travel insurance?
In a world where anything can happen, insurance helps you travel with peace of mind. It is a condition of booking that you have comprehensive travelers medical insurance. MMA works in partnership with RBC Travel Insurance can offer the most up to date and comprehensive travel medical insurance at competitive rates. Please enquire when booking. Travel insurance is designed to make travel a worry-free experience. Emergencies can happen even to the most well prepared traveler. We offer a wide range of insurance coverage so you can travel knowing you’re protected. It is a condition of booking that all clients have comprehensive medical insurance. Failure to do so will enforce us to refuse travel on our trips. It is advisable to also purchase Cancellation and interruption insurance.
How can you purchase travel insurance?
MMA works with RBC insurance, the industry standard and by far the most comprehensive travel policy available. Please enquire when booking. Listed below is a general outline of packages available. Detailed information on coverage is available here. Please note that the premiums are calculated on trip length and value.
Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Maximum Sums Payable
Before Departure Up to the sum insured Up to the sum insured Up to the sum insured Up to the sum insured
After Departure Unlimited Unlimited Up to the sum insured Unlimited
Subsistence Allowance $3000 $3000 $1500 $3000
HolidaySure® Plan $750 Travel Coupon $750 Travel Coupon Not Applicable $750 Travel Coupon
Connection Benefit Available Available Available Available
Emergency Medical Insurance Maximum Sums Payable
Medical & Other Benefits Unlimited * Unlimited * Unlimited * Not Applicable
Subsistence Allowance $3000 $3000 $1500 Not Applicable
Baggage & Personal Effects Insurance Maximum Sums Payable
Loss of, or Damage to, Baggage & Personal Effects $1000 ** $1000 ** $500 ** $1000 **
Delay of Baggage & Personal Effects $400 $400 $200 $400
Flight Accident Insurance Principal Sums
Death, double dismemberment, loss of sight of both eyes, or complete and irrecoverable loss of speech or hearing*** $100,000 $100,000 $50,000 $100,000
Travel Accident Insurance Principal Sums
Death, double dismemberment, loss of sight of both eyes, or complete and irrecoverable loss of speech or hearing*** $50,000 $50,000 $25,000 $50,000
What type of packages do you offer?
Deluxe Package This package is our most comprehensive travel insurance product available, and includes the following coverages:
· Emergency Medical
· Cancellation & Interruption
· Baggage & Personal Effects
· Flight Accident
· Travel Accident
Standard Package This package provides the same coverages that are part of Deluxe Package, however coverage amounts differ. Coverages include:
· Emergency Medical
· Cancellation & Interruption
· Baggage & Personal Effects
· Flight Accident
· Travel Accident
Non-Medical Package This package does not include Emergency Medical coverage, however it does provide all of the other coverages that are part of Deluxe Package, including:
· Cancellation & Interruption
· Baggage & Personal Effects
· Flight Accident
· Travel Accident
Travel Bound?
Whether you are frolicking on a Mexican beach, climbing mountains in Nepal or rafting the source of the Nile be aware, it can be dangerous world… These Ten Tips can prevent the risk of illness and ensure your trip is a healthy one.

1. Consult with a Travel Health professional
2. Adjust to your environment
3. Protect yourself from insects
4. Wear protective footwear
5. Ensure that your water is purified
6. Consume well-cooked food
7. Wash it, peel it or forget it
8. Remember your prophylactics
9. Avoid swimming in fresh water
10. Consider carefully your means of transportation

MMA is not able to legally advise our members and clients on the specific requirements for travel immunizations. It is necessary for your to speak to your family doctor or Travel Health Clinic on the required shots and immunizations for your trip. For the your nearest Travel Clinic please visit
Facts about immunization
· When planning a trip, the last thing you want to think about is illness.
· Immunizations are one of the best ways to protect yourself from serious diseases, many of which can be life threatening.
· The purpose of a vaccine is to stimulate the body’s defense system in order to prepare it for a future encounter with an infectious disease.
Basic Guidelines
Certain health conditions can dramatically increase a traveller’s risk. If you are pregnant or have a chronic medical condition (ie; allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) be sure to consult a health care professional prior to departure. The amount of preparations required before a trip will depend on a traveller’s risk of contracting a disease or illness. International travellers can be low or high risk, depending on several factors.
Factor Lower risk Higher risk
Geographical destination Developed countries Developing countries
Length of stay Short-term Long-term
Location within country Urban Rural, remote areas
Type of accommodation 1st class – resorts 4th class, camping, backpacking
Purpose of travel Business Pleasure
What immunizations do I need?
Routine Immunizations Required Immunizations Recommended Immunizations
All adults should update these routine immunizations every 10 years, even if they do not plan to travel.

· Tetanus & Diphtheria
(This vaccine is usually covered by provincial health plans)
Some countries will require proof of these immunizations before entry.

· Yellow fever
· Meningococcal
Depending on your itinerary, planned activities and current health status, your health care professional may recommend one or more of these immunizations.

· Polio
· Influenza
· Hepatitis A
· Hepatitis B
· Typhoid
· Japanese Encephalitis
· Meningococcal
· Rabies
· Cholera
· Measles, Mumps, Rubella · Yellow Fever
Sources of information for travellers
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT)
40 Regal Road
Guelph, Ontario
N1K 1B5
(519) 836-0102
1237 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M6E 1B8
(416) 652-0137
World Health Organization
RBC Insurance
Health Canada – Population and Public Health Branch – Travel Medicine Program
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Travel Information
Travel Information and Advisory Reports – Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Association of Canadian Travel Agencies
The Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors
Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health: Includes info on insecticide-treated bednets
Quick Reference Material
Don’t drink the water by Dr. J. S. Keystone, editor. Co-published by The Canadian Public Health Association and The Canadian Society for International Health. This book is available in selected bookstores or can be ordered from the Canadian Public Health Association by telephone (613) 725-3769 or fax (613) 725-9826.

Health Information for Canadian Travellers produced by The Canadian Society for International Health provides a listing of travel clinics across Canada and other pertinent information for travellers. A copy can be obtained by telephone (613) 230-2654 or fax (613) 230-8401.

The Travel Doctor by Dr. Mark Wise is written to inform travellers of potential health risks when visiting other parts of our planet, but not scare them away from travel. Read about Dr. Wise and his book in the May 20, 2003 issue of the Medical Post. Available in selected bookstores.
Due to the constantly changing requirements for visas it is advisable to contact the respective embassy prior to your departure. It is the responsibility of the traveller to check for the required visas. MMA works with a visa specialist ( who can offer all necessary information on visa requirement. Also we can assist with the issuing of your visa (s). Listed below are some helpful links in your visa search. No third parties Embassies.


General Links
Travel report
Canadian representative abroad
Travel Clinic
Passport office
Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Canada Post

Currency Converter:
Travel Warnings are issued when a State Department or respective government body decides, based on all relevant information, to recommend that travellers avoid travel to a certain country. Countries where avoidance of travel is recommended will have Travel Warnings as well as Consular Information Sheets. Public Announcements are a means to disseminate information about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions posing significant risks to the security of travelers. They are made any time there is a perceived threat. In the past, Public Announcements have been issued to deal with short-term coups, bomb threats to airlines, violence by terrorists and anniversary dates of specific terrorist events.
Suggested government bodies advisory sites
Department of Foreign affairs Canada
Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs
US State Department
What does the advice really mean?
It is important to understand that what is provided is travel advice. The departments do not and cannot make decisions for people about when, where or whether they should travel. The responsibility is to help travelers make their own well-informed decisions. This applies equally to first-time holiday-makers or seasoned travelers. The travel advisories are never used to make a political statement. We try to use direct and clear language in travel advice. If there is compelling information that suggests it is not safe to travel to a country (or an area within a country), it will be reflected in a recommendation that travelers should defer or avoid all travel to that country (or area). In other circumstances – where the threat is lower or information less specific – it will be advised that travellers defer non-essential travel. Whether travel is essential is a matter for personal judgment – based on your family or business needs, your concern for your own safety, your personal knowledge of the country or area, and many other factors. Advisories cannot weigh those factors for you, because they will differ from individual to individual. Only you can judge what is essential to you.
All prices are LAND ONLY unless other wise stated.
Prices quoted in the Dates & Prices sheet are LAND ONLY unless other wise stated. They do not include airfare. MMA is able to offer competitive quotes and pricing on your airfare requirements. Please contact us for a quote.
Trip Notes
For more detailed information on all our trips please refer to the respective trips notes. All trips notes are available on line by request to our office on our toll free number –
TEL TOLL FREE: 1 (866) 907-4006 or by the website at or via email: [email protected]
Pre & Post Accommodation
If you require accommodation in the joining city before and after the trip start and finish dates please advise us when you make your booking. MMA is happy to make any of these or other arrangements on your behalf.
Optional Extras
Most of our trips have optional extras available. These are run and operated by local companies. MMA has carefully checked and vetted all of our chosen local operators and has had many years of experience with our chosen operators. However MMA is not responsible for the behaviour, actions or operational standards of these local operators.