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Single Dating

Many women and men are hesitant to jump into the single’s dating pool.  They loathe the thought of spending awkward nights making insincere chit chat.  For most, the quest to find the perfect partner is riddled with uncomfortable silences and absolutely horrific dates. 

Meet Market Adventures aims to make single dating an easy and more pleasurable experience.  The company specializes in singles-only events and travel in cities across the United States and Canada.  People who participate in Meet Market Adventures single dating events will meet with a group of singles to learn a new skill, have fun, relax, or indulge in one of their passions.  While enjoying one of their many activities, people are able to meet likeminded people with similar interests and strike up a conversation without the stress or hassle of formal dating.  Traditional dates are nothing but uncomfortable.  Why start a relationship off on a wrong foot? Meet Market Adventures’ single dating events ensure everyone’s first meeting is fun, exciting, and stress-free.

Meet Market Adventures services 5 major U.S. cities, and 7 Canadian cities.  While some of their events are universal, many of their events are city specific and rely on each areas unique offerings and sights.  With everything from Thai cooking classes to pottery and ceramics classes, brewery tours, and golf clinics, everyone is guaranteed to find an amazing event that they’ll absolutely love. 

Many people don’t have the time to properly explore the nuances and hidden gems of their city.  Meet Market Adventures offers a variety of single dating events that take advantage of each city’s unique offerings.  By participating in one of Meet Market Adventures single dating excursions, people are able to meet new people and explore their cities.  Toronto singles can spend a night ice skating in Dufferin Grove Park and New York singles can enjoy a delicious meal at Puglia Restaurant.  No matter the destination, Meet Market Adventures’ fun single dating events help people get up and out of their houses, have fun, and enjoy their cities, while meeting new and exciting people.

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Single Dating Tips – How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Date

Have you ever had a date with someone and thought it went well, only to learn that your date would never return your calls?  Rejection – we’ve all experienced it one time or another throughout our experiences with single dating.  Learning how to make a great first impression can help to increase the likelihood of a second date.   

Let’s face it.  No one wants to deal with awkward silences throughout an entire first date.  Make sure to keep things chatty and upbeat in order to be more successful in the single dating world. Prior to going on a date with someone, think about plenty of friendly questions to ask them.  If you sense an awkward silence coming on, you can pull one of these questions from out of your sleeve to stir up a good conversation. 

In single dating, it’s also important to pick a date spot that is conducive to socializing.  Dinner on a first date is not always the most appropriate choice because eating in front of someone you just met is awkward and there is nothing to keep you busy or entertained while you are waiting for your food besides the person sitting in front of you.  Fun, relaxed environments for single dating that will help you and your date let loose and get to know each other better include bowling allies, comedy clubs, concerts, and sporting events. 

In single dating, it is important to stay positive and stay in the present.  A common mistake people make in the single dating world is to go on and on about their past in a first date or complain about their previous relationships. Only talk about what is happening in the present on your first date and avoid talking about negative things.  And don’t forget to smile! 

It is also important in single dating to avoid talking about hot topics on first dates.  Save the polarizing debate topics such as same-sex marriage, abortion, and politics for another day.  On your first date, keep the conversations neutral and stick with general topics.  Avoid drinking on your first dates because drinking too much can lead you to make an absolute fool of yourself.  Stay on the safe side in single dating by limiting yourself to one glass of wine or none at all. 

How to Dress for Success on a First Date

In single dating, you should wear something that fits the occasion.  If you are going to a sporting event, don’t wear formal clothing, no matter how much you’d like to impress your date.  Save the formal wear for a black-tie event and keep it casual for single dating.  Your best bet is to dress conservatively to avoid offending your date.  Moreover, you want your date looking into your eyes, not ogling the body parts that your seductive clothing is revealing.  Don’t wear cologne or perfume either.  For many people, wearing cologne gives the impression that you are trying too hard and some people simply do not like the smell.  Wear deodorant so you smell fresh but don’t wear cologne on a date until you know what your date’s preferences are. 

Keep these pointers in mind when planning a first date.  Single dating isn’t easy but you can make your first dates run smoothly if you learn what it takes to make a great impression.  Successful first dates are more likely to lead to successful relationships so just relax, be yourself, and stay positive and you’ll be booking second dates in no time.