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  • Female

My Interests
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Horseback Riding
About me
Before I get into my profile I just have one thing get put out there. If I send you an email and you're not interested please DO NOT just read and delete it, have the guts to email me back and tell me you're not interested. There is nothing that bothers and hurts me more then when people do this, so please if you're not interested and I send you an email be a good person and do this. Thank you. Anyways, on to my profile...

I have a great love for music, I love to write it and play it. I play guitar, and I'm trying to teach myself to play piano, and eventually I'd love to learn to play the violin and drums. I have been playing classical guitar now for 6 years and I absolutely love this style of music and I find it pleasantly challenging. I am currently trying to start up a band with a couple of my closest friends, but other than that I perform the occasional solo classical performances at my church. When I am in the guitar ensemble at my University I do some classical performances with that group as well, usual within the University at either the Christmas concert or the Spring concert.

In University I am currently doing a Major in Psychology and a double Minor in Music and Theology. It has been my passion for as long as i can remember to be a psychologist, and I want to eventually obtain my PhD and open up my own practice.

Currently I have two Jobs. I work at St. Amant Center, working with an autistic child, teaching them basic academic and behavioural skills, and I teach private guitar lessons. My two jobs and volunteering job are very rewarding to me and I am incredibly lucky to have two jobs I love.

Note: These aren't all written in stone...


I tend to have pretty high standards for the guys I date, so here are some things that I am looking for:

Personality & Actions
- Attractions:
- Caring
- Empathetic
- Intelligence
- Sense of Humour
- Understanding
- Acceptance
- Willingness to try something new
- Random acts of kindness/love
- i.e. Romance
- Willingness to spend money on activities so I donít have to all the time
- Someone who is an old fashion gentleman
- i.e. opens the car door for me, pulls out from the curb so that I donít have to step in a puddle, gives me his coat if I'm cold etc.
- One who is not afraid to put creativity into gifts
- Someone who isnít afraid to make decisions
- Someone who can have a great conversation, both intellectual and casual

Physical Characteristics
- Well dressed men
- i.e. Doesnít have to be formal but donít always a look like a slob, so basically a willingness to show off the body you have (shows confidence), and someone who can clean up good too in a formal sense and who enjoys to do so
- Someone who is under 6í0 so I donít feel towered over... lol

Other attractions:
- Being a vegetarian. Ideally I'd love to find a guy who was vegetarian like I am.
- Someone who doesn't drink.
- Someone who wants to eventually get married and have a family.
- Someone who is good with money and who has a stable job.
- Someone who has career goals and are taking steps to achieve them
- Someone who is Christian, or at least someone who wouldn't mind coming to church with me.
- Someone who follows politics and votes

***The reason why I am picky with who I date is because I've had a lot of bad experiences with past boyfriends. As I dated more guys and got hurt I started to develop a lengthy list of the things of characteristics I want in a boyfriend, to avoid some of the hurt I felt before.***

If you find that what is on my list about describes who you are, and you like what you've read about me, please feel free to contact me. As my heading says, I would prefer to get to know someone first as friends and see where that leads. Thanks for reading my long exert, and hope to talk to you soon.

P.S. I am actually 20 but I thought I'd give this a try.

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