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Pickering, Ontario

  • Male

My Interests
  • Camping
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Single Parties
About me
I know that I might be the type of guy that looks very intimating when I come but the truth is that I am shy and very quiet when I am around new people and I am trying to improve on that. I can describe myself standing around 6 feet 1 tall, with brown eyes, who is down-to-earth, honest, caring, a good listener, trustworthy and I am not afraid to speak my mind at all depending on the conversation. I have been also told that I am a great person to be around with once you get to know me, I can assure that I don't bite I promise you. I also have to say that people said I look younger for my age, I guess I have got good genes but I know that would last forever.
I also like make people laugh hence my good sense of humour. I am not one of those guys who is looking for a one night stand or likes to play head games, what are we still acting like 12 year olds, not me thank you very much, I was raised as a gentleman from the beginning until the end of time. I have been single for quite awhile now, I have had some good relationships and 1 bad one. Hey we all learn from our mistakes and move on. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. My intentions are that we start of as friends first and foremost. I am a patient guy and we have a lot of time and if it continues to develop to something more, we'll see what happens.

My interests varies from going out with my friends from time to time, I am not into the bar or club scene as much I use to, I like to listen to music from my Ipod touch, I like to listen from Old school R&b, old school slow jams, Reggea, and inspiritional songs, and a little bit of hip-hop, Just a little. I also like going to the movies when I get the chance but when I don't I usually go pick a DVD and play it on my PS3 and which from there, I have started a small collection of good films and it still growing as we speak.
I also do have a J-O-B and I work mostly nights but I have at least every other weekend off which I like a lot. I like to watch sports on TV from the NFL, I am a big fan and the Titans are my favorite team, I have to admit I like hockey I don't watch it on TV a lot but my team is the Ottawa Sentors...I am very sooooorrrryyy to the Leafs fans out there but cry me a river already. I also like to watch UFC at my favorite bar when it comes on PPV and on the Fight Network as well, I also like boxing as well. I have made a goal to get back in shape before I hit that big number and I don't want to say cause it like a curse word to me but I also have a couple of years life as well, so the sooner the better.

I am also a Reality TV Junkie, I like to watch shows from Run's House, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Miami and LA Ink and many others that I can not list at this time.

They say that the measure of a man is not how tall you stand, how wealthy or intelligent you are because God knows and understands for he looks inside to the bottom of your heart and what's in the heart defines. You can spend your life pesuring physical perfection. There is so much more than ever meets the eye. I'm the type of guy that loves to give compliements to a woman, it is in my nature and I think it makes a woman feel like she on top of the world. A good friend told me that once.
For someone who looks through the surface, and defines your worth by what is on the inside the measure of a man. I still do pray to God and ask him where is the woman that will love and cherish me. I think he has been working overtime for me to find me the one who will answer my prayers.

Now comes the million dollar question that people ask all the time.....What I looking for in a woman? someone who has a little meat on her bones, who is open-minded, honesty, caring, a hopeless romantic, not afraid to show and express the affections and is comfortable in their own skin. Someone who thinks outside the box and still has their inner child. Someone that who is attracted to the man for his personality more than physical. I am a hopeless romantic, plus I like to show my affection (That's means I like to give hugs and amongs other things as well too.) even if it doesn't have to be physical, it can be also emotional as well. I like all type of woman and they don't have to have to be the same flavour, this is 2009 is it not? Race is not an issue for me.

Someone who some of the same interests as I do. I mean someone who likes to can talk about that special song that they listened when they were younger to and can talk about it as a example. Someone who can put a smile on their face as well as mine when we see each other. Can also make me laugh as well. If you are shy...don't worry I am as well remember.So God, why are the good girls taken everytime so I can find them? So can you they make this teddy bear get his smile back and unlock the chains of loneliness from my heart?

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