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Laughing gentleman

Ottawa, Qc

  • Male
  • 40 yrs old

Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Height 5' 6"
Body Type About average
Marital Status Single
Smoke Never
Drink Never
Activity Level Active
Have Kids No
Want Kids Definitely
Work Type Administrative/Secretarial
Education Some college
Religion Christian / Catholic
Ethnicity Black / African descent
I'm Looking for
Women between the ages of 26 and 36
I'm Interested in
A long term relationship
My Interests
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hobbies
  • Music
About me
Hello, here's who I am.

I try to be nice to everyone, wait, I don't try, I actually do it.
I don't drink, have never smoked or taken any drugs. I don't generally drink Cofee (more of a hot chocolate fan) but it does make me sleep so I could have a cup if I can't sleep. To me, a car is nothing more than a means of transportation that must be as efficient as possible, and beer is a social phenomenon that I don't completely understand yet.

Oh yeah, I should probably get that out of the way.
There are some stereotypes and prejudice that come with being a black male.
It's unfortunate, but I'm realistic and accept that they will show up. People can only judge you by what they know, or what they believe, or perceive to be true.
So I just want to state that I do not own any of thoe stereotypes. I am not a player or a rapper or some kind of gangster.

I don't have any kind of weird accent (born and raised in montreal, very well raised I might add) and I do not believe in polygamy. (I'm not sure I would even share my girl with another girl).

Now then:

I love reading and learning in general. I'm extremely creative and tend to like anything that lets me create something from scratch, or improving an existing object or process. (yeah, perfectionist) I was born in Montreal, where I did a bit of figure skating as a kid. I am also a dog person (though I no longer have a dog.)I like cats but not enough to own one myself. And I have to admit I'm a person who can have a hard time saying no.

I have a very hard time waking up early (I do it anyway because I hate traffic even more), and very much hate wasting time. I can't stand doing nothing when I could be doing something. Strangely, I'm still an incredibly patient person and can count on one hand the amount of time I've gotten angry (4 total).

I am almost incapable of watching a movie alone, unless I REALLY like it. And even then, I very rarely watch a movie more than once. I'm fairly cuddly, no, very cuddly. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Bring them, I love them.

I'm 5"6 in height ,with brown eyes. Thanks to a wicked metabolism, I don't accumulate fat and stay in shape reguardless of what I do. Wich is a recipe for lazyness, but I try not to. I also have a longer than average tongue for some reason. Can come in handy :)

I like discussing everything and anything. Talk to me, you never have enough friends. And communication is the most important part of any relationship.

I'm the perfectionist who cleans every little bit of snow of the car. WHILE it's snowing
I'm the guy who can't eat oreo cookies without Milk. (if I have cookies and no milk left, I will go out to buy some and THEN eat them)
I'm the guy who will lend you 10$ even though the odds of ever seeing it again are nil.
The guy who purposely makes things harder as a challenge, then complains that it's too hard? Me.
The guy who recycles receipts becaue he feels guilty thrashing any paper? Me.
The guy who will complain when you ask him a favor (not beause it bothers me, just because I can) but spends is time offering his help? Me.
For washing dishes, you can forget me though (ok no, I don't like it but i'll do it anyway).
I've also been known to eat the insides of a baguette and leave nothing but an empty husk to the unsuspecting hungry souls.

Ok so what does all that mean in a nutshell? I'm anything but predictable. And you may often find notes in your coat or purse or even your shoes ranging from "Have a nice day" to "I love you" to "Get back soon I miss you". Or I may show up at your workplace during my lunch break to bring you your favorite dessert. Though I daresay that I am still a reliable person. Being responsible is very important to me, and I consider that being in a couple is a responsibility.

Also, I apparently like reading what I write :)

Favorite color: Blue, more recently purple.
Favorte Dishes: Souvlaki, pastas (lasagna), and anything with chocolate on it, or in it.
Favorite movie: I'm very picky about movies. Let's say Clerks for now. Wait no, Big Fish.

Other interests
Reading, video games, Wikipedia, Writing, surprising people,spontaneous activities.
What I'm looking for
An open minded person who believes in communication. I am very dedicated to my couple and take those responsibilities seriously, but if something I do bothers you and you only tell me about it 6 months later, there's only so much I can do. I'm still going to try though, I always do what I can to accommodate. Basically, I'm a very person to get along with. My partner will never get anything but my best. I don't expect the exact same dedication in return but basic respect is a must. Oh, and I hope you won't mind my sense of humor because it's always on :) There are several things that never fail to attract me to a woman, but I've had good relationships with different kind of people so I'm open. (Better be since I'm asking you to be)

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