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  • yellooooooooooow!



North Vancouver, BC

  • Male

My Interests
  • Camping
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Single Parties
  • Single Vacations
About me
Life's so serious, and I... I'm really not. Having said that, I find I become restless midway through the year, barred in this rigid social maintenance scheme... I have two jobs, and I work hard hard hard at school for the full year. This life thing can really kick your ass if you don't keep up! Anywho, I like to keep busy, love to even, my first love, a busy bee, metahporically speaking dot dot dot... So, why am I here--that's a pretty a easy one, I'm looking for someone. Thanks for asking such a straight forward question. I just don't know who I'm looking for.... Someone perfect preferably, but I'll settle for absolutely amazing.

If I had to describe what I'm seeking, well lets say I was forced to describe that person in some life threatening way and now I'm here telling YOU that description, for sake of my life of course. So here it is, suspence ooooooo, someone athletic or a fitness junkie that's cool too, a person that's serious, funny, borring, and sarcastic at all the right times, and I'd have to say as well motivated, yes motivated. There's no point living a wasted life, and if your motivated, goal oriented, someone who pushes themself, even if it's only for 8 months of the year in school, that's alright, that's awesome. Everyone's got a purpose, I'd just rather be around people who have found that purpose or are interested in digging it up.

It's key, it is, this motivation thing. So if your life's just one big party after another, one wasted night here, getting 'high' there, then I`m happy for you, but it`s not for me! No more wasted time. I`m a workaholic, I see that now, and I need to keep occupied; but occupied within terms of progression. It's the golden mean ladies un' gentlewomen, keep it fun, keep it serious, keep it everything in between, keep yourself free from excesses.

Lastly, what I do. Like I said, I work two jobs and I school it the rest of the year plus work on the side. I'm in the education thing for the long run. 'Currently in Psychology until my degree is done (this year I plan) and then it's off to business school!

That's a wrap, I've no more to say until I`m threatened again.

Have fun, be serious, enjoy boredom it's the only downtime you'll get, I'm outta here to be serious about something entertaining.

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