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Peruse our articles. We’ve compiled some rich, essential reading for singles on relationship issues, trends and dating advice. We aim to create a reserve of up-to-date and interesting articles for you to enjoy.

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I frequently hear from singles who are looking for “risk-free dating” techniques. Since the development of a healthy, intimate relationship requires taking many, especially emotional, risks, I think it should be called “risk-dating.” Here are some strategies to help you minimize risks and maximize your relationship results.
It’s one of the biggest first-date fears: “What if we don’t have anything to talk about?” To help ease any awkward, grasshopper-chirping silences, try one of these conversation-starters, courtesy of an array of experts—including dating coaches, relationship experts, and lots of real-world, smooth-talking single people.
And how to make them go away
Good news: Saving a million dollars is not that difficult. Here’s your simple financial workout.
Core strength, a growing buzzword in the fitness industry, can help set you up to enjoy the outdoors.
Get toned and tight with this exclusive workout.
No calorie counting, no carb watching. For half a century, meal-replacement shakes have been a no-brainer way to drop pounds. Why? They work.
Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but you’ll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won’t even be able to start your engine.
Whether your holiday wish list is long or short, “gaining five pounds in December” isn’t likely to be on it. At a time when there seems to be more parties than workouts, it’s even more important to find time to exercise and eat right. And since finding time to exercise amidst cocktail parties and last-minute holiday shopping can be a significant challenge, here are a few tips on how you can continue to improve your body and health over the party season, while getting a head start on your New Year’s fitness resolutions.
The onset of a harsh winter doesn’t have to spell disaster for the peak cycling fitness you’ve developed all summer. Indoor cycling is a great way to develop your skills, maintain your fitness and gear up for your best cycling season ever. Here’s an intro to the gear you’ll need to enjoy snow-free, climate-controlled training this winter!
You’re over 35 and single for the first time in years, this is definitely something that can be daunting and perhaps will be one of your life’s greatest challenges.
Two of the more dreaded post-holiday tasks are assembling new electronics and planning your New Year’s resolution workouts – especially when you have no instruction booklet for the latter.
We all love getting into the great outdoors for some exercise, but hauling all of our stuff into the wilderness can sometimes be a pain. Luckily there are now many ways to carry bikes, kayaks, canoes, camping equipment and more. The three main ways you can get your gear from Toronto to Temagami (or anywhere in between) are with a trunk rack, a hitch mounted bike rack or a roof rack.
There’s no better way to recharge your batteries than by spending a relaxing weekend enjoying the great outdoors.
Q: I recently started jogging and plan to enter a 10K this summer. Any training tips?

A: Great idea! Setting training goals will help you stay motivated to exercise regularly. Here are some ideas to help.
Get the Job…
One of the best reasons to maintain a high level of fitness is so that you can enjoy your vacations more.

It has been said that beauty is not real, but only exists in perception.  How we perceive ourselves is how others will see us. 


“You can do it – we can help” has brought in a fundamental change in attitudes towards home improvement. Before the time of Home Depot, an average person would not dream about making major home improvements without a professional. The Home Depot revolution has changed it forever. Now you can visit your local Home Depot and a knowledgeable “specialist” will help you meet your home improvement needs.
Relationships with the opposite sex these days can be extremely complicated. How do you determine if someone is genuinely interested in you? Can a man and a woman be “just friends?” I’ve attempted to provide information and guidance to help relationship-oriented singles navigate their way around the opposite sex, as demonstrated by my answers to these questions.
Your drugstore carries thousands of bottles of colored pills. These are the ones you actually need.
There are many foods that are good for you and can help decrease your risk of cancer. Just eat healthily and in moderation, and enjoy our top 10 picks.

Trail running is as natural as running could ever be. The first people to pick up the pace and start striding along did so not on roads, tracks, or treadmills, but on dirt paths, animal trails, and in open meadows. This was the way people first ran. It was trail running and it made them strong and balanced and it can make you a better runner too. Many runners are recognizing the advantage of taking their training to the trails and strengthening their road performance in the process.

February 14th is just another date on the calendar. Why are you falling into what others want you to see? The hearts, chocolate and flowers are there every other day of the year.

The ultimate expression of life is not a paycheck. The ultimate expression of life is not a Mercedes. The ultimate expression of life is not a million dollars or a bank account or a home. Here’s the ultimate expression of life in my opinion, and that is living the good life. Here’s what we must ask constantly, “What for me would be a good life?” And you have to keep going over and over the list. A list including areas such as spirituality, economics, health, relationships and recreation. What would constitute a good life? I’ve got a short list.
Stress is part of the job. But when tension starts turning into burnout, it’s time to step in and save your psyche.
As a dating and relationship coach, I’ve provided solutions to singles’ dating problems as well as ways to think about your dating behaviors. Mostly, I’ve had you focus on the people you’re dating, giving you guidance and tools for determining if someone has the potential to be your “soulmate,” or life partner.

Toronto dating service with an activity focus such as weekend get-a-ways and local day trips including pub crawls, beach days, singles golf, yoga and much more.