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Need to reach targeted singles between 25 and 50? Meet Market Adventures is a perfect choice to advertise your product or service to this qualified niche audience.

Strength in numbers

Meet Market Adventures is a leading online provider of local events and international travel for active, adventurous and outgoing singles across North America. More than one million singles visit Meet Market Adventures each month to research, plan and book single events, travel and experiences. And our membership has reached more than 80,000 across North America—and growing daily.

Here are a few more relevant statistics on our registered singles membership:

  • Majority between 25 and 50 years of age
  • 90% are business professionals, with healthy spending habits both on and offline
  • Average earnings between $45-$100K+ a year, with a positive lifestyle
  • 83% have traveled in the last year

Opportunity knocks

We have an excellent range of cost-effective media opportunities to help you reach your target audience — through our website, marketing materials, media outlets and our well-attended events. We offer both online and offline advertising, as well as a variety of sponsorship opportunities for our many adventures, events and parties.

A leading mobilizer of North American singles

Meet Market Adventures was ranked one of PROFIT Magazine’s “fastest emerging growth companies” with a 426% Growth Rate in the last two years.

We have also garnered glowing reviews and positive press in many of the world’s top publications, including:

  • New York Times
  • Frommer’s
  • Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel
  • USA Today
  • New York Post
  • New York Magazine
  • Time Out New York
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Globe And Mail
  • Get Out There Magazine
  • Toronto Star
  • Toronto Sun
  • The Metro
  • The Outdoor Life Network
  • Canada AM
  • CH Live
  • Maclean’s Magazine
  • Toronto Life Magazine
  • Now Magazine
  • Eye Magazine
  • Realm Magazine
  • PROFIT Magazine

Zero in on your market
Target thousands of singles across North America with us today!

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