Travel: An Advantage of Being Single in New York
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Travel: An Advantage of Being Single in New York

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Sometimes, singles look at their friends who are in serious relationships and wonder what they’re missing. More and more though, being single – especially in a huge city like New York City – has its advantages.

The first of these is independence. Being on your own means that there is no one to answer to when you want to spend a quiet night at home watching the TV. Being on your own means that, if you want to, you can go out to eat every night.

And in New York City, going out to dinner can be a great adventure. Throughout the city, you can find what is considered to be traditional American fare – steaks, chicken and burgers, as well as pizza. You can also venture out to find the cuisine of Ethiopia, India, Thailand, Japan, China, Italy, Greece, France, and others.

If just dining within any of these foreign styles isn’t enough for you, imagine getting away from New York and visiting restaurants in those other countries. Travel for singles is becoming increasingly popular.

With so many different places that people want to visit, it no longer makes sense to wait and see all that the world offers until you have someone else to share the experience with. A number of singles groups have seized upon this and now work with singles to plan trips.

By traveling in groups with other singles, you are guaranteed to meet someone who is interested in the same destinations you are. Whether you choose a Caribbean cruise where you can be surrounded by clear blue water and have some time on white sandy beaches, adventure travel in South America, or a romantic trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, you’ll begin making memories with your fellow travelers immediately.

Getting to know people outside of the hustle of daily living in the city – crowded subway trains, tourists, and demanding work days – allows you to talk about things that matter more. Your crazy work week suddenly makes for a great story. And, because you and the other singles on the trip are outside of your routines, you’ll be able to relax and talk.

Whether you discuss the scenery or some other element of your trip, each day will bring you something new to talk about. And, the friendships that you make while you’re on the trip can grow once you’ve returned to New York as well.

Those restaurants you used to enjoy by yourself can now provide a place for you to get together and reminisce about your vacation. But you won’t only be talking about your travels.

Traveling with other singles allows you the chance to really get to know the others on your trip. You’re likely to become friends, and it’s possible that you will recognize a special connection.

Sometimes, the best way to make a connection in New York is to take advantage of the ability to get out of the city and explore the world with other singles. By getting out of your normal routine, you’ll be more likely to meet someone who shares your interests, but isn’t just another one of the people you see every day.