Toronto is a Singles Haven
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Toronto is a Singles Haven

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The city of Toronto is great for singles looking to unwind or let loose for a vacation or a weekend. The downtown area of the city is the center for its world-class nightlife featuring more than 350 pubs and clubs. Singles, you can choose your style of music and dance from a number of clubs throughout the city, many of which accept a city-wide VIP card which helps you avoid the lines into the clubs.

You can find a wide variety of music at these clubs – everything from R&B;, 80s dance music, Top 40, urban Top 40, hip-hop, Latina and salsa. One reason for the diversity in these clubs is the fact that Toronto is located only a few miles away from the world famous honeymoon destination of Niagara Falls and from the border of the northeastern area of the United States. It is this location that lends itself to such a wide variety of tourist.

The amount of Pubs in Toronto gives singles a lot of choices. You can go to one of the Irish Pubs, English style Pubs or one of the sports bars in the city. With so many of them located in a relatively small area, you can move around until you find one that you like and make it your newest vacation home. These pubs are known for their friendly atmosphere and hospitality.

Before you leave your hotel room, you will first need to check if the clubs that you are going to have a dress code. Many of the clubs do not allow athletic wear or sneakers. Singles in the city know how to find the hot spots, so follow the locals and make some memories.

The food in Toronto is good and plentiful with restaurants that serve almost every type of cuisine that you would want. From the most luxurious restaurant to the simple quiet family restaurant, Toronto has it all, so singles watch your waist lines.

There is more to Toronto than its nightlife and rich foods. This is a city set in some of the most picturesque landscapes in North America. For the singles looking for outdoor activities, Toronto has much to offer. With 250,000 lakes and miles of streams and rivers (all of which are mountain fed), you do not have to go far to fish for salmon and trout. There are outfitters, guides, and charter boats just waiting to take care of your every need and fill your vacation with memories.

Toronto also has a zoo set back in the forest of the northeastern section of the city that has more than 5,000 animals. The African Savanna and gorilla rain forest exhibits are not to be missed. Singles know that for true relaxation, nothing beats getting back to nature, unless, of course, you are strictly a city person, in which case you would head to the best martini bar you could find.

For our traveling singles, there are also Vegas-style casino cruises that tour the Toronto Harbor and Lake Ontario for those singles who wish to try their luck. Dinner cruises are also available from Toronto that shows you the night time lights and skyline of the city.

For those singles who work in the northeast of the United States, Toronto is the perfect weekend vacation spot for you. You can either drive a few hours or catch a flight out of the city and spend a few peaceful days recharging your emotional batteries. To all of you singles out there, Toronto is awaiting you. Enjoy your time there.