Single and Planning a Trip to Ontario, Canada
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Single and Planning a Trip to Ontario, Canada

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Are you single and planning a trip to Ontario, Canada? Ontario has a wide variety of activities to offer you. Ontario is located between the United States, above the great lakes, and the Hudson Bay. It offers wide open wilderness areas as well as a few large cities. If you are looking for nightlife activities, then cast a gaze over to the cities of Toronto and Windsor.

Toronto has all of the shopping, dance clubs, bars and pubs that you will need. Located on the south side of the province, Toronto could have been designed just for the single traveler in mind. With the bars, pubs and restaurants that are located on Richmond Street West, it is a great place to unwind and relax. Most of Toronto’s nightlife is located in the downtown area.

Windsor is another city with a popular nightlife. With more than 50 clubs, bars and pubs located in the downtown area, Windsor is another great place to let your hair down and unwind. The Windsor Casino is also there to help you test your luck with its full Vegas-type casino. Windsor is also an easy trip from the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area, a short trip through the world’s only tunnel boarder crossing.

Niagara Falls is also located in the province of Ontario and while it is one of the classic honeymoon spots in North America, it should not be missed just because you are single. The picture of the majestic waterfalls of the Niagara River has been engraved in the memories of all who have seen them.

While most resorts are really only focused on families or couples, Ontario has many resorts that cater to the needs of the single traveler. Not all resorts ignore the person looking for peace and tranquility away from their everyday lives. The Kawartha Lakes Region of Ontario has many rural and rustic resorts that offer everything from fishing to relaxing day spas. Some of the resorts also offer group activities for their single travelers.

If you are one of the many single people who have made the decision to work hard and focus on your career while you are young, then you know the necessity of stress relief. Heading away from the rat race of city life, leaving behind the cell phone and laptop is the fastest way to avoid a premature meltdown. The peace that nature gives us allows us to recharge our souls.

One resort in the Kawartha Lakes region is located on Stoney Lake in a pinewood setting. Stoney Lake is well known for fishing with its abundance of large and small bass, walleye, pickerel and muskie. Stoney Lake is a great destination for the single boater with its islands and easy flowing waters – perfect for your small boat, canoe or kayak.

With miles of nature trails leaving from the resort and winding through the pine forest, you can get up close and personal with nature. Stoney Lake was made for single visitors looking for tranquility and some relaxation.

There is as much to do in Ontario as you want to do, or as little as you want. This is truly a province with such a wide variety of activities that the single traveler can fill their days and nights to their heart’s desire. With the nightlife in the cities to the quietness of the countryside, you, as a single traveler, can enjoy Ontario and bring back a lifetime of memories with you.