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Single New York

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You live in a city where sleep is optional. You can get out every night of the week to catch an up-and-coming rock band or a comedian who will make you laugh your way onto the floor. You can see some of the finest actors and dancers in the world. No matter what cuisine stirs you, you can find it, and you can find whatever drink you can sip and enjoy in any number of bars.

More than likely, though, all of that is just a part of your routine. You spend your time getting to work, working, and getting back home from work. You spend time with your roommates. You watch TV.

But as much as you like your friends, you’re not sure that spending more time with them is really on your list of things to do. You’ve seen the museum exhibits you’re interested in. You’ve seen all the movies that you want to see. What’s missing? You’re not getting out. You’re not getting to indulge your sense of adventure. You want to try something new and different.

So, what do you do? Why not seek out adventure?

Go out and try something new. Why not learn to rock climb? Join an adventure sports group and take the time to get away from all the cement and spend some time with the mountains and trees on a hike. Better yet, take a trip to the mountains with a bike and see how free it feels to race to the bottom.

Do you like the water more than the hills? Don’t just take a shower or leave your umbrella home when it’s raining; go out with other singles for a rafting or kayaking adventure.

And, of course, adventure isn’t just for the summer months. Once the snow starts to fall, make it a point to get out and ski or snowboard. Even going out for a sledding adventure can make for a great time.

That doesn’t mean that you can only join a group for adventure near the city. Many of these groups also schedule travel to more exotic places. Whether you choose to explore the rainforests of Central and South America or you want to head out on an African safari, you’re sure to find other singles who are just as anxious to get out there and experience the world.

Your time may be limited by work and other obligations. Your budget might not allow for an extended foreign vacation. But regardless of how you choose to get out, it is important to make the effort to play with others, preferably other singles. You can make friends with similar interests, and have a great starting point for a new relationship.

What would be cooler than telling your grandkids that you met in Paris? For the adventurous, that’s easy. It would be far more exciting to say that you met on the ski lift or clung to one another when it seemed the raft you were on was about to capsize.

If you live in New York, you already live in one of the most exciting cities around. But with
joining other singles for adventures outside of the city, soon you’ll find excitement in your dating life too.