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Single Manhattan

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If you’re single, every first date feels the same. Never mind the fact that it seems to tourists that there are too many restaurants to choose from. They all feel the same when you’re sitting across the table from someone and you have nothing to talk about.

Never mind that it feels like you’ve been to every bar for singles’ night. You’ve been at upscale places where you’ve paid more for a glass of wine than you would normally pay to buy the whole bottle. You’ve tried the super-trendy places where all the drinks glow in the dark. But it doesn’t matter. You feel like you could be having a better time at the corner dive bar in your neighborhood with the $2 draft special. Actually, you’re quite sure that you would be. At least there you could talk to the bartender.

You’ve tried speed dating, but with some of the people that you met, even six minutes of talking with them was more than enough. And though there was that one girl who you thought might have potential, you came to find out that she was married and there to support her best friend, glad to have a night away from the kids.

Speaking of nights away from the kids, when did your favorite music club start letting in teenagers? Okay, sure, they’re almost 20, but more and more you’re starting to feel like you’re out of place and never going to meet anyone.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to rely on your friends to set you up. You don’t have to scour personal ads or try to find some online match-making service. Nor do you have to settle on a life of loneliness.

Why not spend some time going out and meeting people who actually have interests similar to yours? Think about it. Of all the people in Manhattan, there have to be other single people who enjoy getting out and having a great time.

But how do you find them? One of the easiest ways to find the perfect person to spend your time with is to stop looking. Think about your own interests. Think about getting out and having fun doing things that you enjoy.

Maybe you are looking for outdoor adventure. Maybe you’re looking for a new experience. Maybe you want to get out of town for a day or two.

All of these things are possible. And it doesn’t have to be difficult to find them. Plenty of singles get together and have fun doing things that they love.

It’s not that it’s a group date into the woods. Instead, it’s a group of people who go out and explore common ground. It’s a group of people with common interests getting together.

And if it so happens that you meet someone at one of these groups who gets you thinking that you want to go out and see what would happen on a date, terrific. You can go out to one of those restaurants or bars and know that you will actually have something to talk about.

Meeting other singles while you’re in a group takes the pressure off. If you’re out having fun, you’re not thinking about what you should be saying or doing to impress the person. If you’re focused on an activity that you really enjoy, you’ll be more yourself.

So will the other singles on the trip. They too will be focused on what they’re doing, and on having fun. And you’ll share some laughs and you’ll get to know one another.

What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t make a love connection, but you
find someone you enjoy hanging out with. That seems like the next best thing.