Being Single in Ontario
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Being Single in Ontario

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Are you one of the many single people who have almost everything in life that they are looking for? Are you one of the many who have put their careers on the front burner of life while they are young and able to control more of their lives? Are you one of the many who have chosen to remain single for now and are happy with their decision?

Do these questions describe you? If so, then you are on your course in life, making your own way and destiny. Even though you are not currently looking for companionship, no one wants to vacation alone. There are many opportunities in the Ontario, Canada area to enjoy a vacation in an adult environment without having to put up with the meat market affect of singles getaways.

There are many resorts in the Ontario area that are available for you as a single person without having to enter into a meat market. Many of the resorts are located in rustic, wooded areas where you can enjoy golfing, world class fishing and boating.

One such resort is The Westwind Inn on the Lake. The Westwind Inn is located in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. It is billed as being rustic luxury, luxurious amenities in a romantic woodland setting. With its adult environment, mostly kid-free, it offers a wide variety of activities, perfect for single visitors, from hiking through its nature trails, boating on the lake, or spending the day lazily by the pool.
There is also an art gallery, a vineyard, a winery nearby, and a golf course to help pass the days. In the winter months you can skate, cross-country ski or take your snow shoes out for a walk. If you want the tranquility of a spa treatment, it is available for you. So take your friends with you, make new ones during your visit or just enjoy the serenity and peacefulness that there is not time for in your daily life, all in a relaxed country environment.

In the same region of Ontario is another resort that, as a single person, you would enjoy. The Pine Vista Resort is a family-run resort that features luxury rental cottages over looking Stoney Lake. With the privacy of cottages, a single person can relax and recharge their soul for the next part of their life’s journey. The Pine Vista Resort offers boating on Lake Stoney, fishing, wooded nature trails, and as much natural tranquility as you need.

Even though both of these resorts generally cater to couples, they also have activities for their single travelers. If you are looking for more of a night out with your friends or do not want to make the trip out to the wilderness, then downtown Windsor, Ontario has plenty for you to do. Located just on the other side of the boarder from Detroit Michigan, Windsor offers the single person enough choices of where to relax and blow off steam to please anyone.

Spend your evening gambling at the Windsor Casino, dancing, and enjoying life at one of the more than 50 bars and clubs that are in the downtown Windsor area. Have a night out or a weekend away with your closest friends. There are an abundance of things to do and see here in Windsor.

Ontario Canada is easy to get to, being located on the other side of the only international vehicular tunnel crossing in the world. Single travelers need not feel ignored or left out of the fun in Ontario, with the wide varieties of activities that are available in the cities and the country. Enjoy your trip to Ontario, as a single person, or with a group of your fiends, and no matter whether you are looking for a quiet vacation or a rowdy weekend, Ontario welcomes you.