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Singles in NYC

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The single in NYC is so lucky, right? There are people at every turn just waiting to meet you and make you a lifelong friend. The abundance of others who are single in NYC only add to the allure of the city. Surely, the single in NYC knows that his or her next date is just a phone call away.

Are you a single in NYC who is completely sick and tired of this stereotype? Are you ready to call the producers of sitcoms that promote this myth of the single in NYC and give them a piece of your mind?

Many times, the single in NYC has a very difficult time meeting new people. For any number of reasons, meeting new people can be a very difficult task.

Often, the single in NYC finds that his or her other friends were also single and now married. As any single in NYC will tell you, once a friend is married, your relationship with that person is forever altered. No matter how much the friend getting married promises you that things between you will be the same, they never are.

And, if someone who is single in NYC has a friend who gets married and then has a baby, it is very difficult to maintain a friendship. The friend with the baby no longer has much in common with the single in NYC.

Instead, the friend with the baby wants to talk to other parents to compare stories and get advice on raising children. Where does the single in NYC fit into that scenario? Often, he or she doesn’t.

Other times, the single in NYC may be new to the city. It may be that a job transfer was the impetus for the move. Or, maybe the single in NYC recently moved into the city as a brand new adventure.

If the single in NYC has just arrived, it can be very difficult to meet new people of either gender. If the single in NYC has a job, at least he or she will have new acquaintances and potential friends at his or her fingertips.

If the single in NYC does not have a job, how is he or she ever going to meet new people? To be sure, there are millions of people in NYC, but how in the world does a single in NYC who doesn’t know anyone get to know even one person?

A good place for the single in NYC to turn is to clubs and organizations that interest him or her. It is often easier for the single in NYC to strike up a conversation with a new person if there is a known common ground to discuss.

In addition, volunteer work is a great opportunity for the single in NYC to meet new people. A city as large as NYC has many, many needs. Not only will the single in NYC be giving a helping hand in a meaningful way, he or she will come into contact with many new people that could become lifelong friends.

So, if you are a single in NYC and do not know where to turn, take heart! By joining a club or volunteering your time to help someone less fortunate, you will have many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.