5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Life Offline
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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Life Offline

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The internet has evolved far beyond the façade of online dating and chat websites. The next generation “adventure dating and travel website” is designed to help you connect on and offline with quality singles with similar interests. Singles across the U.S. and Canada who want to meet quality singles in their town or with similar interests are finding “adventure dating” and singles travel and events networks far more appealing.

 Gone are the days of meeting random singles that you may have absolutely nothing in common with. Now you can meet local singles for anything from trivia nights, sushi-making, salsa dancing, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, golf, sailing lessons, or any number of fun activities. You don’t have to sit home waiting for an invitation or date in order to experience all that life has to offer. Now you can get out there and share events and activities with other singles with similar interests, often creating new friendships and having the time of your life. And, if you meet someone they’d worthy of dating that’s a bonus!

 Membership to event and travel adventure club websites like Meet Market Adventures is usually Free and offers the added bonus of searching for singles by interest area and geographic location so singles can take it upon themselves to initiate experiences with other singles.

 Meet Market Adventures is a unique multi-city club that spans North America and is absolutely free. “Our members are truly adventurous in spirit with a passion for life, and to them being single IS an adventure. We just make it easier to get out there be active”, explains founder Hartley.

 Singles travel is also increasingly popular. Single men and women are apparently hungry to see world with 95% of those registering to travel alone, joining other singles to experience Caribbean cruises, trips to cities across Europe including Italy, Oktoberfest in Germany, wine tasting and cooking classes in Paris, and trips to all corners of the world including Morocco, Egypt, New York City, and adventurous activities like a cycling tour of Vietnam, mountain biking in Chile, and hiking Inca Trail to Macho Picchu.

 If you are a single man or woman between 25 and 55, you no longer have to put off your dream trips until you “meet someone”. Your single life can be an adventure, and perhaps along the way, you will meet that special someone to share those adventures with.

 5 Tips to improve your social life.

  1. Get Focused – Eliminate countless hours meeting people you have nothing in common through online dating and chat websites. Instead, find people who share your interests by joining a networking website that matches you with single men and women that share your interests for friendship, travel, networking and dating.

  2. Sometimes 1 + 1 = 1 – It’s ok to go out and have a great time and not come home as part of a couple. Find activities and events for singles that spark your interest and enjoy yourself. You will have a fabulous time and feel liberated when you stop expecting the outing to produce a date…the pressure is off when you are learning something new or doing an activity you love.

  3. Network, Network, Network!   To get the best results, you need to get out there! You never know who you may meet, or who they may introduce you to!

  4. Be Motivated – Pick two events or activities each week that you will do to meet new people and maybe learn something new, pen them into your calendar and hold yourself accountable for going. After you’ve gone and had a great time, sign yourself up for additional activities right away and live the life you deserve!

  5. Expand Your Horizons – Always wanted to learn how to sail, make sushi, dance, hike or cook French cuisine? Find an opportunity to do it with other singles where there’s no “third wheel” stigma and the opportunity to share experiences in your home town and travel the world via singles trips.

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