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Singles in NYC

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Singles in NYC…are there really singles in NYC? Isn’t that the place where “everybody knows your name?” After all, NYC is one of the largest cities in the world! People form new friendships every day and have as many friends as they can handle, right?

Well, maybe that stereotype is taking things a little too far. Maybe, in all fairness, singles in NYC have the same challenges as the rest of us mortals living outside of NYC.

While is certainly is true that there are many, many people living in New York City, it may not be true that all singles in NYC have the booming social life of Rachel on the hit show “Friends.”

All too often, singles in NYC often find themselves unexpectedly alone. Many people who move into New York City do so thinking that they will easily and quickly make friends.

Unfortunately, even very outgoing and extroverted singles in NYC often find themselves longing for companionship. Until recently, singles in NYC did not have a resource to remedy this situation.

Now, however, singles in NYC can turn to Meet Market Adventures, an up and coming business that gets singles in NYC and other areas together and gives them a common bond.

The premise behind Meet Market Adventures is that the sign up fee for membership charged by so many similar companies has been eliminated. Rather than charging singles in NYC for membership, Meet Market Adventures is a “pay to play” company.

The “pay to play” philosophy adopted by Meet Market Adventures refers to the company’s policy to only charge singles in NYC and other places for events and adventures that they attend or take.

Singles in NYC can simply go to the website, pick a date, and see what is going on. Perhaps there will be a local event, out of state trip, active vacation, or even international vacation going on with Meet Market Adventures that appeals to them.

There are some great local events for singles in NYC. For instance, Meet Market Adventures gives singles in NYC the opportunity to attend a wine tasting, golf, hike, or rock climb.

Some out of state trips offered for singles in NYC include a trip to the unparalleled beauty of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

For those singles in NYC really looking to have a great time and an opportunity to really get to know some other singles in NYC and other places, Meet Market Adventures has put together some great international destinations and vacations.

From the smoking volcanoes of Costa Rica to the lush vineyards of Italy and France, there is an international destination that would appeal to any and all singles in NYC.

Active vacations for singles in NYC are another specialty of Meet Market Adventures. Get out of the city and take a mountain biking trip. Singles in NYC can also opt for a multi-sport adventure in Peru.

There are so many opportunities for singles in NYC to meet new people, make new friends, and have a really great time through events and vacations offered through Meet Market Adventures. So, sign up for free today and plan your next adventure!