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Free Single Club

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What makes Meet Market adventures a free single club, you may ask. Well, because there is no joining fee to join our single club; yes, the membership is totally free. We keep ours a free single club because we don't believe in charging you unless we are really delivering you something, a single vacation. And what enables us to run our free single club? Our members who use the services of our free to join club whenever they want to go on a single vacation, wherever they want to go.

Our free single club gives you the best of both the worlds when it comes to vacationing. Our average free club member profile is extremely attractive, and physically and financially fit. You can avail the services of our free single club to have an interactive vacation as and when you feel like because we organize vacation events throughout the year for our free single club members. Our free single club members go to the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas, and they even go to Europe and Africa to unwind and spend time with other single members of our free club. The various other events of Meet Market Adventures free single club also include joint cooking and boxing classes, yoga and swimming classes, trekking, rock climbing, cruising, fishing, camping, partying on various beaches, all-night visits to night clubs and beer bars and lots of other exciting stuff.

So if you a single living in Toronto or the New York City do join our club for free and avail these awesome vacation packages.