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Free Single

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You can join Meet Market Adventures for free if you are a single living in the New York City or Toronto. By free we mean, if you are single living in one of the cities mentioned above you don't have to pay us a membership fee. Different events that we organize for our single members are not free of course. But the way we try to make it as economical as possible for our single members, you might as well call us free of sorts.

Anyway, whether free or not free, the events we organize for single persons like you are worth attending, for they let you spend quality time with other single members of our club. In fact our single events are so good that you'll never want them to be free and would love to pay for them.

There are many single websites on the Internet that offer you the so-called free services, but are they really free? No way! There are very few genuine businesses that flourish despite being free. Our low-cost single events include hiking, rock climbing, single bar hopping single club visits. Our hassle free cooking and boxing classes let you learn new skills in the company of other single members so that you get plenty of time to make up your mind. You are free to make your own choices at Meet Market Adventures; we just create the right circumstances for you.