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Singles Clubs

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Clubs for singles produce great opportunities for singles to get together and have a nice time besides meeting each other. But most clubs for singles have their drawbacks, as they are not as well organized as clubs for singles managed by Meet Market Adventures. We've got 30 years of experience of running clubs for singles. The 98 percent sell-out rate of our singles clubs is the glaring proof of what we can do when it comes to managing singles clubs.

As you might have already read it on our website, Meet Market Adventures is free to join. Unlike other clubs for singles, our clubs don't charge you a membership fee. Moreover, when you join other singles clubs you not only pay the membership fee, you also pay for every singles you participate in, in those clubs. This is not so when you become a member of Meet Market Adventures. Here, you only pay in the singles clubs when you actually take part in the events.

Our singles clubs constitute of many indoors and outdoors activities in and around New York and Toronto, where our offices are based. We offer you all kinds of singles clubs events once you join — for free — Meet Market Adventures, such as day trips, various skills classes and outdoor excursions. Our singles clubs also organize hiking, rock climbing, riding, tennis, golf, kayaking, caving, sky diving, and more. Since at the outset such activities may seem extreme to new members of singles clubs, we also organize introductory classes to make our singles feel comfortable.

Sports are not the only activities we offer to our singles members who chose to be a part of our clubs. Once you become our member, our clubs can also organize tours to clubs, bars, wineries, and local hot-spots that you can go to along with other singles.

Join Meet Market Adventures for free and participate in our extremely vibrant singles clubs today.