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New York Tours

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New York tours are a great way of seeing this magnificent city with other singles of New York. These tours are specially designed for people who love seeing the cityscapes and other great cites the great places of the world offer. No matter for how long you have lived in New York, without well-organized tours it is just not possible to see all the great spots. You can join Meet Market Adventures and take part in these grand tours of New York and share unforgettable moments with other singles of New York.

Through these comprehensive tours the young singles of New York get to glimpse the city the way they have never done before. Our casual evening tours include club crawl or a pub crawl in Greenwich Village, the West Village, West Village, TriBeCa, or any other number of areas in New York. Our wine tours too are a great hit among the New York singles who become free members of Meet Market Adventures. These tours to famous wineries of New York range from casual tours to horse-back riding and picnicking amidst the beautiful mountains around New York. During those wine tours you also get to learn the art of wine making.

Ethnic Eats Safari Tours are especially enjoyed by people who love to eat different foods. These tours take you through different ethnic markets in Jackson Heights: Indian, Chinese, and Latin American. Here in New York itself you can relish the delicacies of distant lands during these ethnic eats safari tours. One of the popular events of these tours is our Da Vinci Hunt at the Met. In these tours we give clues in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and you solve them with other singles.

New York is a great place and seeing it can be really daunting. New York is not only historic it is also one of the most modern cities of the world. So our tours of the New York city are mixture of the old and the new. Our tours of New York are a mix of the indoors and the outdoors. Our tours of New York are a great way to meet other singles living in New York. New York is a place of dreams and our tours can help you realize them.

Join Meet Market Adventures for free and meet eligible singles in these tours of New York. These tours of New York not only show you great places, they also let you meet great singles.