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Single Events

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Let's tell you exactly what Meet Market Adventures does. We organize interactive events for our single members so that they can know each other better. For instance, some events include our single members going cruises to the Bahamas and the Caribbean islands. Other events include attending cooking classes together and learning to cook delicious recipes with your favorite single member of the club.

Our events are as varied as they come. If you are the sturdy type single, then some events pose you challenges in the form of single rock climbing events and trekking events. Some single members prefer to remain within the city limits. The events for those single members include all-night club hopping and visits to various pubs and bars, where going alone is not safe. Our single members also enjoy events that involve visits to historical and tourist attractions in the New York City or Toronto.

If you think boxing is not for the faint-hearted then you should definitely meet our single members who participate in boxing classes events. You can hone your pugilistic skills as well as interact with other single members during these events.

If you are a single living in the New York City or Toronto, you can join Meet Market Adventures for free. There are no hidden costs involved. You only pay when you participate in our events. Meet great single members; join our club today.