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Single Club

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Wouldn't it be great if you had access to a club where a single person like you could get a chance to meet other single people? Meet Market Adventures is such a club. The members of our club meet single persons at various opportunities we specifically create for them. Joining our club is free if you are a single living in the New York City or Toronto. There no hidden costs involved in our club. You only pay when you participate in our events for single members.

Our club organizes events for single members so that they can do things together and know each other under varying circumstances. For instances, there is no better way of knowing a person under trying conditions than climbing rocks and trekking in wilderness. The single members of our club can also take cooking and boxing classes together.

Have you been bitten by the travelling bug. So are many of our single club members. You can scale the icy peaks of Europe with some of our single club members, or go on cruises to the Bahamas or the Caribbean islands. You can save money during these trips by sharing accommodation and food with other single club members.

Some members of our Meet Market Adventures club prefer to stay within the city limits. With other single members they can visit the exquisite beer bars and night clubs.

Just log on and join our club for free and meet lots of eligible single people from the word go.