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Single In Montreal

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Whether you are new to the Montreal area and looking to meet new friends or are single in Montreal and looking for other Montreal singles, you are sure to be able to find a number of activities that you will enjoy – regardless of what your interests are. Better yet, while you’re out and about, you’re more likely to find other singles enjoying the same things that you do.

Montreal offers a wide variety of options for singles who enjoy the theatre. Whether you go to a small production house or to a larger performances, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. You’re also likely to find a number of other singles who share your interest. Strike up conversation with other singles that you see; talk about the show or about similar productions that you’ve enjoyed. Perhaps you’ll find someone whose taste in musicals or dramatic plays matches your own.

If the visual arts are more appealing to you than the theater, Montreal has a wide variety of galleries and museums. Gallery openings are great ways to interact with others who share your interest in a particular artist. From the Musee des Beaux-arts to Studio Lux, you are sure to find museums that display the art you want to see.

While you are admiring your favorite paintings or photographs from the collections, take the time to glance around and see which pieces others are focused on. You’re also likely to come across others who are single in Montreal who share your tastes, others with whom you can start a discussion or debate about the pieces that you are viewing.

Perhaps you’d rather discuss your favorite books. From poetry and fiction to history and religion and everything in between, you are likely to be able to find a book club in Montreal. Similarly, you will be able to find reading series featuring emerging authors at McGill University, at local libraries and at local book shops.

Poets and authors all draw crowds to their readings. These crowds offer you a chance to meet others – including other singles – who share at least one of your interests. Striking up conversations with other singles either before the reading or afterwards is a great way of meeting others who are single in Montreal.

Another great way to meet other singles with similar interests is to attend a concert in Montreal. Whether you choose an up and coming rock club, the symphony or to attend Montreal's International Jazz Festival, there’s no shortage of music or music venues in Montreal.

Though it can be challenging to strike up a conversation at a huge rock show and no one talks while listening to an orchestra, there are plenty of smaller clubs where you can connect with others and chat about the music while you order a drink at the bar. Similarly, Montreal has a wide variety of dance clubs and comedy venues where you can meet other singles for drinks and dancing or laughs.

Montreal offers a wide variety of options for singles who are interested in the arts. Whether you are looking to make more friends or trying to meet that special someone, it’s important to make the time to pursue your own interests and to take advantage of all that the city has to offer.

The variety or performing and visual arts available in Montreal guarantees that you will find something that you can be passionate about. And, if you’re lucky and are single in Montreal, you may even find someone who you can be passionate about.