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Single in Philadelphia

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If you are single in Philadelphia, chances are good that you are starting to tire of meeting people the same way. You are not looking for your friends to hook you up with someone who they think would be perfect for you; you are not looking forward to yet another blind date.

Realistically, being setup for another blind date is something that you do not believe will help you; when your friends try to set you up for a blind date, you just realize how much they have lost touch with being single in Philadelphia. So, as much as you know that your friends are trying to look out for you and trying to help you meet the right person, you ask them to stop trying.

But that does not mean that, if you are single in Philadelphia, you should stop trying to meet someone new. It only means that you need to change the way that you look for someone.

Instead of trying to meet the someone who would be perfect for you through conventional means like singles night at a local club, or – worse – looking through the “Single in Philadelphia” section of the newspaper and the ads that others place when they are trying to be less single in Philadelphia, why not focus on doing the things that you enjoy?

For example, if history is your thing, why not focus on learning more about Philadelphia history? You will be able to learn more about your city – and even about your country – with experiences like the Philadelphia Timeline or even visits to old-time drinking places in Philadelphia. With all of the history of the city, if you visit landmarks like the Liberty Bell, chances are good that you will be able to find others who are single in Philadelphia who shares your interests.

The same is true if your interests are in the arts. If you are single in Philadelphia, consider a night at the Walnut Street Theatre where you could meet other singles who share your interests. Or, if looking at art is an interest of yours, consider a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art or an exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where you could meet someone else who is browsing the collection; or, if you want to have the opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, consider enrolling in a course at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Or, if your focus is on music you have the opportunity to take in concerts for music in a variety of styles. From Classical to Hip Hop, from Jazz to Pop, if you are single in Philadelphia, there are shows that you can go to where you are sure to find other singles who share your interests.

The key to finding that special someone – whether you are single in Philadelphia or anywhere else – is to follow your passions. The key is to take advantage of your city and your interests, because when you are single in Philadelphia, your options are nearly unlimited.

Don't rely on your friends to set you up on a blind date that would be perfect for you; get out there and explore your interests. When you do, you will have a better chance of finding the right person – someone who shares your interests and passions.