Tips for a First Date with an Old Friend

A lot of close friendships have successfully turned into great relationships and even marriages. Having this happen though isn’t at all easy. While, in theory, it seems that dating someone you’ve known for years should be easy, it can often be more complicated than dating a perfect stranger. That’s because the transition from friend to boyfriend/girlfriend is hard to achieve on that subconscious level.

They key is to start things off right, and not to follow the standard first date tips that apply to most any other scenario.

Go somewhere different – You need to distinguish your first date from all the other times you’ve hung out in the past. The best way to do that is to go somewhere the two of you have never been together, and somewhere that neither of you would typically do with other friends. It’s difficult to feel the romance if you go to the bar you’ve gone to every week with this person for the last five years.

Don’t come on too strong – A good first date tip is to dress the part, but when with an old friend, you don’t want this to go too far. Don’t wear the type of thing they’ve seen you in a hundred times, but don’t dress so sexy that they freak out, suddenly seeing you in this strange new light. That makes what should be a slow transition feel like a giant leap.

Seek out adrenaline – Friendships often turn into relationships in those intense situations. Seeking them out on a first date is a tip you should take to heart. Going on a roller coaster, for instance, will get your hearts racing, the adrenaline pumping and, believe it or not, this leads to sexual attraction because, well, physiologically it’s the same basic thing!

Don’t talk about your friends – Keep the conversation away from those you both know, and try to talk about something new, or at least old topics from new perspectives. Something that helps with this is activity based dates, such as that roller coaster. Dates that involve doing things allow you to keep conversation based in the present.

Know anyone who’s ever made this transition successfully? Have you ever tired and succeeded or failed? What tips do you have for the rest of us, or what tips do you wish you’d followed when you had the chance?

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