Single Life Pros & Cons

Is being single a blessing or a curse? Or is it just something to do in between the relationship you thought you wanted and the relationship you’ve always wanted? The single life has its perks, that’s for sure. You have the freedom to be where you want and where you want, and that’s a great thing, so long as you have somewhere to be.

There are more pros to the situation than freedom; the question is whether or not they outweigh the cons.

Pro – Freedom: That’s right. Those living the single life don’t have a “partner” to answer to when making plans. Tonight feels like a bar night? Then it’s a bar night. It feels like a TV night? Then it’s a TV night. And freedom extends beyond your neighbourhood too. Traveling single is the best way to go when you don’t want to compromise anything.

Con – Loneliness: Loneliness can be lying back on the couch, staring at the ceiling while listening to reruns of survivor playing in the background as you slip into misery. It can be the nagging desire to talk on the phone and actually have someone answering back. But in whatever form it comes, it’s the price some singles find themselves suffering in exchange for their freedom.

Pro – Dating: Ah, yes. Single folk can always go out and meet new people of the opposite sex. Getting out there, meeting people, trying new things, is an adventure that so many singles love. Why end it?

Con – Not dating: Here’s to the unlucky singles. The folks who end a relationship thinking, finally a chance to meet, date, and sleep with new people, only to find themselves home on a Saturday night after not being able to find new people.

Pro – Health: Studies have shown that single people are healthier. At first I just figured that it’s because married people are older, but apparently age has nothing to do with it. The single lifestyle just tends to be more active and this keeps the pounds off and the heart happy.

Con – Death: There’s a reason I don’t trust scientific studies. The singles are healthier, the married people live longer. It’s a syllogistic nightmare, I know, but don’t complain to the messenger. It just means that you’re more likely to see a couple of centenarians holding hands on a bench than a hundred year old man jogging in the park.

Naturally, there are more pros than mentioned; sadly there are more cons, too. For instance, everyone reaches a point in their lives when the singles’ table at a wedding has only one chair. Often, that’s the point when it gets merged with the kid table. Sure, the kids table gets French-fries, but for some that’s not enough to fight off the dreaded loneliness.

So what do you think should be added to the list? If you’re single and loving it tell us why. If you hate it we want to hear the reasons, too.

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