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Signs a Man Doesn’t Like You

Jul 21, 2009 3 Comments »

Like is a strong word. If a guy doesn’t like you he probably just won’t stay around. The real question is how can you tell if a man doesn’t like you in the romantic way you’re hoping?

It’s probably one of the biggest frustrations amongst single women there are. Guys just aren’t all that easy to read when it comes to these sorts of things. Sure, when it comes to whether or not he’s attracted to you men are probably a lot easier to figure out than women, but what it’s a matter of whether or not he’s into you enough to get serious… it’s hard to tell.

You haven’t met his friends – Forget his family, if you haven’t met his friends and you’ve been dating him for a while, there’s a good chance he’s not ready or willing to take your relationship seriously. There are other reasons he may be keeping his friends at bay, sure, but usually it’s a bad sign.

The future is singular – Single men talk about what they want to do in the future by using the words “I” and “me.” Men who feel that they are in a relationship with someone they truly like will talk about the future with “we” and “us.” If the guy you’re with keeps talking about things that he wants to do and not things that you both should do, there’s a good chance that he’s not as into you as you’re into him.

Sorry, who are you? – If you do meet his friends and none of them seem to know anything about you, you’ll probably actually be able to see the red lights flashing. When a guy likes a girl he’s dating he’s going to talk about her and brag about her even. While not all of his friends are going to hear about you the closer ones should. If not, you two should have a serious talk.

All plans are last minute and all calls are late – When a guy only gets in touch with you late at night, or when you never seem to be able to make plans with him ahead of time, it’s quite possibly because he’s thinking about you as a booty call or a backup plan. While he obviously likes you enough to want to see you, he certainly doesn’t like you enough to want anything serious.

You never get to talk about your dreams – If the man you are dating doesn’t show any active interest in the plans you’re making for the future it’s very likely because he actually isn’t interested in the plans you’re making for the future. When a man likes you he will want to know what you’re dreaming, hoping and planning ahead for.

These are five of the biggest clues to look out for when in the early stages of a relationship or dating. There are definitely other signs as well and they are also worth some discussion. Feel free to add thoughts about that or anything else to our comments section by clicking below.

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