Fun Things to Do By Yourself

Sometimes the best part about single life is being alone, but as funny as it may sound, it’s not always easy to think of things to do. Usually alone time is just spent sitting in front of the television, chatting on the phone, or reading blogs online. At other times you’re either sleeping or trying to figure out how to get a friend or date to entertain you for a while.

Well, whether you’re a single man or a single woman, part of your healthy lifestyle is knowing how to get out and find some fun that’s all your own. This is all about the all important you time. Now, it’s a big world so there’s got to be thousands of things you can do, but it’s a small blog so here are just a few of them.

Sit around and do nothing – Just getting this out of the way before someone writes in complaining that doing nothing is their favourite pastime. And yes, it can be great.

Go explore your city – Take a walk outside and rediscover your city. Have you even taken a good look at your own neighbourhood lately? If the last time you said “Hey, when did they open that store?” garnered the reply “Three years ago,” then you might just be due for a little stroll. Here’s a tip: Look up. Seriously though. Whether you’re in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, or any other city in this world, it will always look different if you start looking up once in a while.

Take in a movie – Going to a movie alone can be a nice soothing experience. You get to go to see what you want, and you can relax while you do it. When you go to movies on dates then you’re probably used to looking beside you every few minutes to see if your date is smiling or laughing or whatnot. When you’re alone you can simply enjoy the movie.

Go to an art museum – Friends and dates just distract you when they join you at the museum, especially when they ask you when Picasso painted that particular Van Gogh, or whether Warhol has anything new coming out soon. When you go to an art museum by yourself it can be all about the art. Oh, and if you study up on a few exhibits while you’re there, you can look really smart next time you go back with a date.

Have an expensive meal – Are you used to going to restaurants with dates and having to pay? Skip the date this week and go to an even nicer restaurant alone. Invest what you’d have spent on your date and treat yourself to a meal that’s twice what you’d normally spend. If you like it then don’t date for a while and get an even more expensive meal. Well, no, that’s a little too far.

Play a solo sport – Play some squash by yourself, shoot some pool alone or enter a few insinuative names into to bowling ally’s scoring computer and play all the parts yourself. Sometimes these things can be great stress relief, but other times it will just be plain fun. You may even enjoy them more than you normally would because there’s no one to lose to.

So what else is there to do alone? Do you have any favourite pastimes that you do by yourself, or does your city offer anything special that people enjoy alone? Feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of us through our comments section.

13 thoughts on “Fun Things to Do By Yourself

  1. Hey, these are indeed great fun things that could easily be done by oneself, i would certainly consider these as the great activities of all!


  2. The best is to make yourself healthy by doing things that will benefit your health. Why not plant veggies, herbs and the like in your backyard? Travel once in a while, in your nearby county or whatever your means will take you.

  3. This so doesnt help try stuff to do for kids like for when there friend ditches them or your parents having to work seven days a week

  4. You forget the best one of all: Take to watch a live MMA fight to show your alfa male side, then for dinner take her back to your place and show the “softer” side by cooking a home cooked meal. This shows both sides and its an exciting date!