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Free Online Dating No Credit Card Required

Jul 09, 2010 2 Comments »

That’s the mark of a truly free dating site. It’s one that actually advertises itself as free online dating no credit card required. If they want your credit card information, it’s most always because they hope to charge you for something down the road. That said, there are reasons why some free dating sites don’t advertise themselves as free online dating no credit card required. These sites ask for credit cards even though they don’t charge you, because they want to accomplish a few other things.

Keep Things Spam Free – When it’s free online dating no credit card required, anyone can join and then join again. This is why a lot of free dating websites have a problem with spam. That’s when people send out messages to all the other users, advertising services or phishing for info as part of some other scam. The credit card means there’s a greater chance the people signing up are able to be held accountable for their actions.

Population Control – Requiring a credit card makes it easier for sites to prevent multiple signups. This is a lot to do with the spamming issue, but it’s also got something to do with people who simply like to have multiple accounts for ulterior motives. Have you ever been using a free online dating site, met someone, and then had the urge to sign up with a fake account to see if that person was still seeking out other dates? Ever actually do it? Well, the credit card info helps discourage that behavior by letting them limit one account per card.

Safety Issues – Because credit card info is harder to fake, albeit not foolproof, it allows a dating site to know that the person using the account is an actual person, and they are who they say they are in terms of name and address. The credit card requirement therefore makes it easier for users to feel safer from predators, and it lets predators know that that dating site isn’t the kind of place where they can remain stealth.

There you have it, free online dating no credit card required websites abound, and it’s probably what most people are looking for. When they ask for your credit card, they really may just want to get you to buy stuff later on. Remember though, don’t ignore the sites that want your CC, because it may be for positive reasons like these that they do it, so taken a closer look.

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Posted by admin | Tags: Online Dating Advice

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