Five Great Movies About Single Life

The movies are always coming out with new ways to explore the single life. Usually they centre around dating and that’s about it, but sometimes they actually manage to explore what it’s like to be in the mind of a single man or woman.

Below are five fun movies about singles worth watching. Watch them with friends, watch them on a date or watch them next time you need a quiet Friday night alone at home.

Bridget Jones Diary – This was a rarity amongst popular films in that it explored the life of a single woman without focusing exclusively on her trying to get a man. Sure, the whole idea of her landing Hugh Grant motivated a lot of the action, but the film was really exploring how this one person aimed to better herself in mind and body. Oh, it also makes for an entertaining couple of hours and guys may learn a thing or two about women as well.

The Forty year Old virgin – This is like a coming of age film but with a forty year old. The movie by no means looks to be a serious commentary on anything, but still manages to take a great satirical look at how to save a guy who’s given up on love, in all senses of the word. If your own dating life feels doomed, it will give you hope. If your dating life exists, if only in a staggered sense, it will at least make you feel better about yourself.

Amélie – Before Audrey Tatou began her search for the Holy Grail, she was Amélie. It’s the kind of movie that will win over just about any man or woman. As for a look at the singles life, this particular character really isn’t interested in dating at all when the movie starts. She’s a born and bred loner and happy to stay that way. While the film doesn’t necessarily aim to explore single life, it certainly does feature a lot of characters who have their own unique takes on how living single should be. Oh, by the way, it’s in French.

The Lonely Guy – It’s not that a lot of people didn’t like this film, it’s that a lot of people never saw this film. It’s about a guy who just can’t seem to get anywhere in the social scene, dating or otherwise. The title says it all. While it’s a caricature for sure, The Lonely Guy takes a look at all the ways this single man in New York copes with his predicament.

Singles – Not one of the most famous films around, but it made this list for more reasons than just the title. Set in an age where some people still knew who Matt Dillon was, it explores the lives of a bunch of twenty something singles in Seattle. In the film, the characters are still in that finding themselves stage of life, as if that stage ever ends. It’s a nice look at what single life was and is like for people who are taking their first steps into the real world.

Those are just five films, but apparently there are a lot more out there. Take a moment to think about the movies that made you think that that’s just how it is for you as a single guy or girl. What movies were they? Feel free to share them with the rest of us through our comments section.

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