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  • Michael


We may find, when life is done, we most regret not having fun.

Mississauga, Ontario

  • Male
  • 60 yrs old

Eyes Blue
Hair Dark brown
Height 5' 9"
Body Type Stocky
Marital Status Single
Smoke Never
Drink Socially
Activity Level Somewhat active
Have Kids No
Want Kids No, but it’s OK if my partner has kids
Work Type Self-Employed/Entrepreneur
Education Some college
Religion Spiritual but not religious
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
I'm Looking for
Women between the ages of 45 and 55
I'm Interested in
Dating, A long term relationship, Activity partner, Friendship, Marriage
My Interests
  • Bicycling
  • Canoeing
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Roller Blading
  • Scuba Diving
  • Single Parties
  • Single Vacations
  • Wine Tours
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Beer, Wine and Spirits
  • Informative Classes
  • Comedy
  • Cooking
  • Day Outings
  • Foreign Languages
  • Hobbies
  • Indoor Sports
  • Music
  • Parties
  • Social Events
  • Volunteer Work
About me
Are you... "Kind, caring, clever, curious, witty, wordy, laughing, loving, loyal, honest, open, sensual, self-sufficient, seeker, traveler."

I am "all of the above". It would be good to have that much in common, then be different in other ways.

"Differences are attractive. But judging them is counteractive."

I believe in love at first sight. But I also believe one can learn to love the person who shares a growing intimacy with honest communication.

I think your mother would probably like me. Hope that counts for something!

Sorry about the scruffy picture - it was taken by the salesman who sold me the camera. I love photography and take lots of pics, but have few of myself!

I am very healthy and love being outdoors. That doesn't mean I am into climbing mountains or hunting defenseless animals or running marathons or playing soccer - I just like being outdoors a lot, like working on my laptop from my patio, or sipping wine at an outdoor cafe, or walking through woodlands or along a river, or sitting on a dock overlooking a lake or the sea. Or riding my motorcycle down country roads, or canoeing down a lazy river, or planting a garden, or watching a thunderstorm from the shelter of my front porch.

And by healthy I mean I have no illnesses, no aches or pains, and don't take any drugs - not even headache pills.

I guess this is a good place to mention that even though I promote natural health products on the Internet, I do like to smoke a good cigar sometimes. Because I am aware that many women won't even consider dating a smoker, I entered "no" in that section (it did not offer "only cigars" as an option). So to be completely honest here, I am saying that I like to smoke cigars, and hope that you do not just write me off if you are a non-smoker. I do not smoke cigarettes, and I can go without smoking a cigar for a long time, so I won't smoke while on a date. I could even give them up if necessary, though I hope the woman I love won't want to deny me this small pleasure in life. If YOU smoke cigarettes, I can live with that, though I would prefer a non-smoking woman myself. (By the way, I do not have high blood pressure, and some recent research I read about says that smoking uo to three cigars a day actually reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke).

I also enjoy fine French and Italian wines and some alcoholic beverages like Port and Scotch and liqueurs, but I rarely drink at home alone. and often go a week or more without any kind of alcoholic drink. I do not ever get drunk, and frankly don't enjoy the company of people who get too drunk and act stupid or belligerent.

I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall and would prefer a partner who is at least a little shorter than me (exceptions can be made). People often say I look age 45, but I am older than I look. Actually, I think and feel like I am 40, so I am looking for an equally young-looking forty or fifty-something partner to share the good life, including foreign travel.

It would also be great to meet new friends of any age who want to share activities of mutual interest, such as walks by the water, discovering new restaurants and cafes, exploring the countryside on my motorcycle, horseback riding, visiting the museum and art gallery, or exploring Toronto Harbourfront, the Beaches, and Queen West.

I recently joined a fitness/tennis/squash club, am taking singing lessons and Tai Chi classes, and plan to learn Spanish and travel to the Caribbean and Central America this year. And maybe go on a singles cruise. It would be great to meet a lady who has time to travel for more than a week.

Looking forward to MMA activities like horseback riding, glider flying, gourmet cooking, wine and Scotch tasting events, sailing, salsa dancing, and parties.

I am happy with my own company and keep busy with working (Internet marketing and stock market investing), reading, writing, and playing piano or guitar when alone. I guess I can be a "lone wolf" at times, but am also very gregarious and love parties where I can meet and talk to new people. (I am a Taurus with Gemini Rising, which explains my dual personality). Lately, I have been traveling several months per year, but am tired of traveling alone. Now I am looking to buy some property in a warm place to live through the winter months.

Long and interesting conversations are one of my greatest pleasures in life. Be warned that I can talk for hours on the phone if we are enjoying each other's company!

I was a life-long bachelor who enjoyed many happy "serial relationships", but did not find a soulmate and life-long partner. Then in 2000 I lived with a lovely, younger lady for seven years until our break-up in late 2007.

As a bachelor I cherished my "freedom" - but now I know that life is better when you have a loving life partner to share the good times and bad times. And I really am getting tired of traveling alone.

It's been hard to get back into the dating scene, but I feel ready now and look forward to getting to know new ladies in hopes of finding my life-long partner.

I have been self-employed for many years, and am now trying to spend less time working and have more fun and adventures.

I don't know if I can be called a "professional" as they say in the ads, but I studied electrical engineering in my university days and am now an Internet publisher, writer, Internet marketer, and investor.

I do like kids and animals, although I have no kids or pets of my own. I am free to share activities in the daytime or anytime, since I set my own hours.

It would be great to meet a compatible lady who has time to share her life with me. Though I admire an ambitious career woman, if you are a workaholic with little time to date, it probably wouldn't work out. I would prefer a partner who is free to travel, but if I fall in love with a woman raising children at home, then so be it.

My idea of a good first date is either a long conversation over a delicious dinner in a quiet restaurant; coffee or drinks at a cafe with a patio (preferaby by the water); or a ride in the country on my motorcycle (not a Harley) or in my sports car.

Don't ask me to take you to the opera, but I could enjoy a blues bar, jazz club, concert, stage play, or even "Stars On Ice". I am capable of dancing without stepping on your toes, and I do love watching "Dancing With the Stars".

Nature walks or fireside talks are fine, best served with cuddles or French wine.

Favorite foods: BBQ rib steaks, Swiss Chalet chicken, Thai ginger duck, lobster, scampi, snow crab, clams marinara, fettucini Alfredo, cheese omelettes, Camembert cheese, French onion soup, creme caramel, pecan pie, pistachio ice cream, vanilla milkshakes, egg nog, root beer, Kona coffee, Chai tea, Chateauneuf du Pape wine, 20-year-old Port or Scotch, Drambuie, Grand Mariner liqueur, Margaritas, martinis, Strongbow cider.

THINGS I LOVE: great food, cooking, barbeques, campfires, patios, a good cigar, good music, singing, guitars, flutes, keyboards, cameras, newest electronic gadgets and computers, my Blackberry, my motorcycle, airplanes, boats, horses, dogs, dolphins, the seashore and lakeshore, sea cruises, Sedona AZ, Key West FL, reading, writing, writing poems, art, plants and flowers, crystals and stones, teak and rosewood, leather, linen, silk, cashmere, films with heroes and happy endings, Sci-Fi, Discovery Channel, Astrology, portrait photography, people-watching from a cafe patio, getting to know someone new, making someone laugh, witty banter, long conversations, cuddling, caressing, intimate talks.

TO-DO LIST: swim with dolphins; visit exotic places by the sea; scuba dive; take guitar lessons; write, play, and sing a song of my own in public; write a book; be a travel writer and photographer; ride a motorcycle to the top of Mount Haleakala volcano (again); learn to fly; visit Toronto museum and art gallery; become a "snow bird" next winter; visit New Zealand, Greece, Ireland, French Riviera and Provence, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. Re-visit Sedona AZ, Grand Canyon, Vancouver Island, Virgin Islands, and Hawaii.

MY NON-INTERESTS: TV sports, game shows, reality TV shows, horror films, stupid films, stupid people, playing cards, gambling, getting drunk, too-noisy nightclubs, rap music, hunting animals, sky-diving, swimming with sharks, eating sushi.
Other interests
* Motorcycle touring * Singing * Playing Guitar, Bass, and Piano * Dancing * Writing * International Travel * Travel Photography * Portrait and People Photography * Picnics and Barbques and Campfires * Beach Parties * Boating
What I'm looking for
I'll probably have to come back and edit this list later, but here's what I can think of now. I am attracted to these qualities in a woman, though I expect it would be rare to find all of them in one person... FEMININITY - a woman who looks, sounds, smells, and acts like a real woman, not a man. Being smart and strong and self-confident in a subtle womanly way, not too aggressive or bossy. Willing to debate, but not always needing to win. Comfortable in jeans or khakis, but also liking sometimes to dress ultra-feminine in lovely lace or lingerie, sensual silk shirts and scarves, designer dresses or sexy shorts. Add some Chanel No. 5 or Obsession perfume, and a hair style that looks long and lush as it sits or swings below soft shoulders. Sometimes a perky ponytail swishing as she walks makes a woman seem so attractive. Or a woman tossing her hair seems so sexy (I think most women must know how to use that effectively). EMOTIONAL HONESTY - telling the truth about how she feels, and not playing manipulative mind games or repressing resentments. Truth doesn't hurt - it's one's resistance to the Truth that causes pain. INTELLIGENCE - being smart and a seeker of knowledge, not necessarily through formal education or fancy degrees, but being curious about life and how it works, and interested in discussing things that matter rather than the latest celebrity gossip or sports scores. SENSE OF HUMOUR - laughing at life when it gets crazy, seeing the humour in situations, and sometimes acting silly just for fun. Not necessarily being a good teller of jokes, but able to appreciate the good ones and laugh out loud. Sometimes being able to act spontaneous and child-like, without being childish. SMILES - I cannot help be attracted to a woman who has a sweet smile and likes to laugh a lot. Some women seem to be smiling most of the time, and how can anyone not be attracted to that? CARING - by this I mean a woman with motherly instincts who loves to care for the people and things she loves, and hopefully me. Someone who will "be there" when I need support, offering care and comfort in her womanly way. I will be the same, in my own masculine way. Think Momma and Pappa Walton here. ATTRACTIVE - Being cursed with the Taurus desire for beauty and sensuality, I am attracted to beautiful women. But she does not have to be beautiful by celebrity standards, just beautiful to ME. I think that when I meet my soul-mate, she might be quite different than what I wished for, so preferred physical appearances are just wishes, not requirements. I am attracted to many types of women, but do seem to prefer the blue-eyed, blonde Caucasian; and the dark-eyed, dark-haired Asian and Latino types. Body type is not so important, though I am particularly attracted to a curvaceous woman with small waist and wide hips. Big breasts are lovely, but I have loved women with small breasts and even with breasts removed. What seems more important to me is a woman's face and hair - especially lovely lips and long flowing hair. Believe it or not, I notice a woman's face and hair before I notice breasts, butt or legs. For the rest of my life, I want to be able to look over the kitchen table each morning and still see the same beauty in the woman who is my life partner. I used to think it was rather "superficial" of me to want this, until a very pretty lady friend once told me that perhaps this is how we recognize our Soul Mate. And I later started to notice how a woman seems to become more beautiful the more you learn to love her, especially when you are making love. Which reminds me to add... SENSUAL and SEXUAL - Again with that Taurus curse... sensuality is an important part of life for the Taurus, expressed in all forms (not just visual) such as touch, taste, smell, and sound. So I have a strong desire to cuddle and caress and to be shown affection in those same ways. Call me a Huggy Bear. I also enjoy sexuality and want to share an active sex life with my life partner for the rest of my life. I may be older, but now I am better - and I don't need any Blue Pills to be able to please my partner. And I do love to please a woman in many ways, and find pleasure in her response.

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