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Do they make these with extra pockets?
  • Do they make these with extra pockets?
  • My date....!
  • A day at work...what was I doing again?


Lets smile together...cheese!

Valley Forge, Pa

  • Male

My Interests
  • Bicycling
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Orienteering
  • Rock Climbing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Single Parties
  • Single Vacations
  • White Water Rafting
  • Wine Tours
About me
October 08

Okay, Here is my lame the way, the pig that I was kissing was a date....and I respected her as well.(I behaved)

I know we have all hardened a little as we went through our trials and tribulation. I guess that's part of what makes us each leery of the next. On the other hand there are a lot of great people on this planet and I'm sure I will find them.....I hope I come up to their standards as wellÖ.then Iíll plot against themÖ(lol)

I enjoy the outdoors and being very active. I'm not a big sport nut....don't get me wrong. I do enjoy playing sports and am very active.....I just couldn't be bothered watching them on TV and I couldn't tell you one player from the next. I love the water; water skiing, jet skiing, sledding---hint---, biking or just walking and spending a pleasant day at Wissahickon Park or Valley Forge. Although Iím not a hunter I do enjoy shooting target or clays. Recently I have also taken up ski diving. As most people know me as a dare devil, I just look at it as savoring all the experiences I can.

So letís seeÖ How ca I best describe myself ???? hhhhmmmm
If I mix eye of newt, with rose hip and an elephants left ear along with some ragged rock skins and ogre hairÖ.maybe we can work some thing outÖ.(to gross---I know----okay through some honey, dark chocolate and a cheese steak in the mix. Oh, and some hot sauce too!

Okay, Maybe I should say What can I OFFER:
Iím a fairly average to fair looking guy according to me and I sport a great smile. Then again Iím 50 (sshhhÖItís hard for me to believe much less handle) and I look much younger (I hope). Iím far from perfect and have made tons of mistakes that I donít know if I can ever repair properly but can always at least keep an open line of communication. I have kids who live with there mom. Yes it is all final and I am divorced but I try to stay very much in my kids life. After all I love them very much as I do their mom but sometimes life does have its changes and we must go with them.

I think of my self as not skinny but definitely not fat. I could use some trimming up. I dress neatly when Iím with someone, but look like a slob when Iím working hard on a property with my talents of building. I own a tux, suits, and nice casual clothes but prefer to be relaxed in shorts during the summer.

I definitely am not a slacker, I do work too much and I enjoy going to school to continue learning. I'm not a big sport nut....don't get me wrong. I do enjoy playing sports and am very active.....I just couldn't be bothered watching them on TV and I couldn't tell you one player from the next. I love the water; water skiing, jet skiing, sledding---hint---, biking or just walking in the hood. I am definitely a summer person.

I enjoy laughing and finding fun things to do. I'm always open for suggestions. The best part is being with others and enjoying the moment.

A good game of chess, backgammon, cards or friends playing charades is just as much fun as being in Disney....okay, maybe not...but it's still a good time. I love wearing a smile and laughing with friends. Enjoying life and the adventure and discovery I came to enjoy. I'm not one for burring myself inside of a book but I love museums and viewing the sites. A trail in the park is nice but a trail blazed in the woods is a lot more fun. The more friends the merrier but lone time is good as well.

I enjoy things that make me think (Suduko, scrabble, chess). If you do and have an inquisitive side and would like to send a note directly, then read my favorites and sent it to the CAPITOL LETTERS ; Some of my Favorites are; Dogs, Birds, Odd-things, Biking, Games, Underdog, Yatsi, Apples, Tea, Hoagies, Olives, Tootsie-rolls, Math, Aardvarks, Infants, Love, Dancing, Online, Tomorrow, Comics, Opera, MinglingÖ.in the mirror; moc.liamtohtayugbobd

I'm also not a tag along shopper but on occasion I can be persuaded and still enjoy going along. Iím not into hanging in bars, never was, but love to socialize with friendsÖ.To me thatís totally different. I like wings and beer and thatís a good thing. The hotter the better.

I try to be available for my friends and take them seriously but I have a diverse group from young to older from every walk of life....I guess that sums up my life ( mix-n-match lifestyle).

I'm a little older than what you expect but young at hart and I play that way as well. I currently live in Manayunk and also in Valley Forge and also Manayunk (due to work). I work in Center City and find myself working a lot. As with everyone else I have baggage and drama and can't neglect my past but I would like to move on with my life and find a brighter future. I'm always in hope that others see things for what they are and look forward to enjoying life instead of bitching about it.

Well enough about the philosophical aspect and on with the rest.

If I haven't bored you and you might be interested give me an e-mail. I can receive them on moc.liamtoh ta yugbobd (in a mirror) if you like.

Keep up the humor on the bright side and hopefully Iíll get to see that smile.

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