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This is me.
  • This is me.

   They call me Schecky

Yes! I am that guy.

Calgary, AB

  • Male

About me
I'm what people of a bygone era would call "solid" or "dependable" possibly even "upstandiing", but not nearly as dull as that might imply. Most people eventually notice the fact that I possess a towering intellect, once they get past the fact that I find pencils up my nose hilarious. And buried somewhere under the rapier sharp sarcastic wit is a reasoably kind disposition. I tend toward a philisophical outlook, and keep an open mind about things, but not so open that my brain falls out. In fact I've been told that my biggest failing is that I tend to think too much. But I could be wring; you be the judge.

As for the physical, I'm tall. I must be everyone keeps teling me so. I used to share the same general physical specifications as Big Bad John (He was 6'6" and weighed 245), but I've lost a little weight since then. I have blonde hair, the color of sunstruck wheat, they say. My face consists of a fairly straight nose, sea-green eyes perpetually looking to the further horizon, a jaw seemingly chiseled of the finest granite and an expressive mouth, that with the faintest quirk of the lips can change an entire tale from one of horror and mayhem to one of juanty jubilation. I also, incidentally, have the physique of a Norse god; sort of like Thor with a decent haicut.
Wow... looking back at that, I may have taken just the teensiest artistic license with that description and glossed over some of the more glaring deficiencies, but the broad strokes are there.

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