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I love a great echo!

calgary, ab

  • Male
  • 49 yrs old

Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark brown
Body Type About average
Marital Status Single
Smoke Never
Drink Occasionally
Activity Level Somewhat active
Have Kids No
Want Kids Someday
Work Type No answer
Education Some college
I'm Looking for
Women between the ages of 30 and 42
I'm Interested in
Dating, A long term relationship, Activity partner, Friendship, Marriage
My Interests
  • Bicycling
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Orienteering
  • Scuba Diving
  • Single Parties
  • Single Vacations
  • White Water Rafting
  • Wine Tours
  • Adventure Sports
  • Beer, Wine and Spirits
  • Cooking
  • Day Outings
  • Hobbies
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Parties
  • Social Events
About me

I've made a tradition of sleeping under the stars at least once a year, I've kept it going for over a decade and have fulfilled it in Europe too... if that's an idea that interests you,... you most definitely are a candidate.
I generally want someone in my life, one I can be committed to, and accepts that. I find that I may have a different definition of 'friendship' than a lot of people. Ask me about it. Anyways, I want to have you hold my secrets, work your magic on me, be my most valued . I just want you, my woman,... I want to hold you at night, to be with you at quiet moments and exciting times. I want to proclaim myself your "MAN", to be that missing part for you. I want to think of you when we're apart, and about those times we're together.... and it has got to be mutual.....
Mutuality is the key to so many things, and that's what I really want. Make it for real and not just carnivorous,...I want ALL of you!!!! IE. I'm not into one-night stands, or even multi-night stands if that's all you're interested in! Thank you for your perusal Ladies!
For your info. and warning, I am a blood donor and have recently given for the 99th time.

Here's a quick story about me!
Way back when I was three, my mom, my older sister and I rented a house right next to a farm. My mom had a pony and chickens and my sister had rabbits. (This is also among my earliest memories). Well, I found that a chicken had lain an egg in a rabbit cage mom had out to clean, and I brilliantly thought I would make her happy by getting it out for her! Well, I didn't use the lid in the roof, but went through the rabbit door. I crawled in, and could just about get it, but not quite, So I wriggled a bit and then I managed to get my little fingers around the egg. I was so happy! So then I had to get out! OH no! I'm stuck!! What do I do? SCREAM!!!!! So my Mom and Sis came a running, and saved me! The end (hey, i was only 3)!

Okay, and for those who have actually read this far....! Just a 'lil Q& A I found in one of my notebooks going back not too long ago!
1Q.The thing that gives me the most satisfaction?
A. being able to achieve a goal, to help a loved one (or even a stranger), and to enjoy the fruits of my toil.

2Q. My goal in life is...?
A. to encourage wholesome happiness utilizing integrity and honesty.

3Q. My deepest fear is...?
A. To be alone in life and to grow old that way as well. Also the contemplation of retirement without resources.

4Q. My deepest need is...?
A. Having a zestful partnership to traverse this adventure of life.

5Q. My Goals for a primary relationship?
A. A physical and (most importantly) emotional compatibility. That we can compliment each others attribute with our own.

6Q. My highest value is...?
A. My integrity! Integrity is a building block of so many types of relationships, work included!

7Q. I think I am....?
A. reliable, honest, caring, silly, goofy, adventuresome, and daring.

8Q. To me work is,...?
A. Essentially a means to an end. However it would be much better as a passion that one can hold as a favorite activity. As if it was a hobby that progressed.... haha,...I've too many interests to have a true and proper hobby!

9Q. My favorite sport is?
A. I have played soccer and hockey for many years in the past, enjoy watching CFL football.

10Q. I have the most fun...?
A. Slow-dancing with a potential mate,... river-tripping during awesome summer weather (canoe-camping).

11Q. What disgusts me?
A. Messy disaster kitchens left behind by drunk-fests.

12Q. Thoughts on other men?
A. I can't stand it when a guy gets all touchy-feely with chicks they barely know.

13Q. I think touching is,....?
A. Well it IS a level of intimacy,... and taking in the previous Q&A, it requires tact, that I perceive many men over use, and over imply. Maybe I'm conservative on that!

14Q. Religion regards to moi?
A. I view it somewhat as a crutch. It really isn't the any particular "religion", but the concepts that they adhere to,... the messages and 'rules'

15Q. I think sex is....?
A. "GREAT"!!! Although I feel that our society has in general taught us to feel guilt about sex, I'm comfortable with my own sexuality,... and I want more of it!!!

16Q. A nude body is....?
A. Nothing to be ashamed of!!! I think western society is a bit caught up in shaming.

17Q. Ones body should always be,...
A. clean and hygienic, fit to a reasonable extent, and comfortable.

18Q. To me children are... ?
A. Amazing! They carry the souls of their parents.

19Q. The best thing about life is...?
A. Love , sex and all the levels in between!

20Q. The first thing I notice about someone is....?
A. In no specific order, as it could depend on context of a situation, but one of three possibilities,... physique, smile, and demeanor!

21Q. I think marriage is...?
A. A partnership. A public announcement, put to writ, of that personal connection of committment.

22Q. To me intimacy means,...?
A. sharing each other's confidences, being close in body and mind. Having honest and open converse.

23Q. I like sex when...?
A. When I have a partner!!!! lol!

24Q. To me dating is,.../
A. It's kinda like dipping ones toes in the water to gauge the temperature! I like jumping in! (that way I'll stay in) I've always been awkward around "dating", I could always only keep a single romantic interest in my mind at a time.

Other interests
underwater hockey/football, Canoe-camping
What I'm looking for
I'd like a gal who is assertive, not quite bordering on aggressive, but still an equal. An outdoors woman who is equally at ease in the City. You will find it easy to move in crowds and also be at ease with solitude. You may not be a "social-butterfly" but you do like to entertain once in a while. I do too, dinner parties are the best! Yes I can cook (lol, I'm capable of making the effort). The shallow part of me gets freaked out by double chins...

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