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Long walks on the beach under the stars? BARF!

Toronto, Ontario

  • Male

My Interests
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Cottage Get Away
  • Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • White Water Rafting
About me
Ok, tell the truth, have you really ever taken a long walk on a beach as a first date? Hello, Iím your fix for the lame dating clichť! There wonít be any walking on the beach without a healthy dose of me dragging you laughing and kicking, into the surf and soaking both of us. Iíll make it up to you later as we dry our clothes by a midnight fire as we snuggle under a blanket and sip good champagne from cheap Styrofoam cups. Ah romance!

I recently just moved back to Toronto and am LOVING it. My favorite cafť is Moonbean. Itís small, artsy, and most importantly everyone who goes there is unhurried and is open to conversation. They offer great drinks there too. My drink is Matcha green tea- if youíve ever had green tea ice cream; it tastes exactly like it except its steamy!

Speaking of moving to Toronto, Iíve recently moved into a new career path also! How ironic. Iíve loved to draw when I was a little kid. It allowed me to slip into creative ecstasy, literallyÖI was doodling 24 hours a day, if I wasnít drawing or coloring with my crayons when awake, I was dreaming how to sketch the world. My current path still has all those qualities yet Iím directly working with people lives now and instead of sketching the world- Iím assisting, encouraging and being a stand to others to doodle their ideal world, here and now.

That said, I practice the soft arts of Qigong and Taijichuan. Though it looks slow and easy, itís the farthest thing. Imagine breathing deeply, slowly relaxing all the tension out of each muscle individually, while keeping a solid posture. Youíll have to miss me every Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning- when I train with my masters but on the flipside, I wonít make you practice with me. Besides being an tea drinker and martial artist, my other big passion is learning about new things.

Iíll warn you, you'll get to sample all kinds of wonderful things with me, from massage to butter chicken (which Iím currently struggling to perfect). Any area I chose to look into naturally spreads to those who I associate with. That said if I talk to you on a Tuesday, you may not know who your talking to on Thursday because Iím exponentially growing daily.

I appreciate a woman who doesnít mangle the English language in her emails.
Iím not saying you need to know what a dangling participle is, but if you donít know the difference between ďthereĒ, ďtheirĒ, and ďtheyíreĒ, we simply arenít going to get along.

Those are the things that all my friends know about me. Hereís the thing that they
donít...The 7 year old kid...still plays. My big secret is this: My favorite way to spend part of a Saturday other than doing my practices is to curl up on the couch in living room with a bowl of cereal, a warm blanket and my favorite girl snuggled up beside me watching morning cartoons and laughing.

If thatís the type of weekend you enjoy, if you donít mind a guy who enjoys his tea while having stimulating yet leisurely conversation with you, and if you can handle having someone constantly growing and giving the benefits to you once in a while, we should talk. Looking forward to your email.



PS: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

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